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A great way to decorate a holiday is to make New Year's origami

Origami is an ancient Japanese art. It originated in ancient China, was observed in Europe, and the most popular still still enjoys until now, of course, in Japan. Of the paper we, in general, made only models of airplanes or simple headdresses, without thinking about what incredibly beautiful things you can do yourself, using a regular sheet of paper. The highest aerobatics was a flower or a frog, because nobody perceived the origami as a separate kind of creativity.

But thanks to the Internet, everyone saw the realunrivaled masterpieces of genuine masters, which dramatically changed the attitude towards this art. Now no one dares to call origami a child's play, because it's much closer to sculpture. Sometimes I can not believe that all this is done without the help of glue and scissors.

Imagine how wonderful New Year's origami will look like in the form of artificial Christmas trees, decorated with colorful paper figures. Such a Christmas tree will not be exactly in one house.

Your children with pleasure and great interestwill be engaged in making Christmas decorations with you. Such entertainment will help develop children's creative and logical thinking. In addition, making New Year's origami, you bring the holiday closer, creating a few days of high spirits among all members of your family.

Learn the technique of origami to datequite simply. The Internet contains a lot of necessary information on how to make not only New Year's origami, but also many different figures of varying degrees of complexity. It does not take any special effort to bend the paper, so this kind of employment suits even small children, creating a kind of fascinating game.

Classic New Year origami, and not only they,imply the performance of the figure by folding a sheet of paper. But modular origami requires the use of several leaves (from several pieces to several thousand). When choosing this kind of art origami, New Year's toys from the modules will turn out to be much more beautiful and unusual than all the others. Because such toys, developing according to the scheme, do not crumble even without the use of glue because of the frictional force. After all, in its essence, it is a certain kind of constructor, which allows you to collect not only a flat, but also a fairly large figure.

For such a creative task, you should choosethick paper. This will prevent the modules from losing their form, which can occur during the folding process. Also, for work, do not take the paper too smooth. Then the modules in the figure do not stick and all the time slip, which requires the use of glue.

Upon completion of the technical part of the work, when alreadyall modules are stacked in the required quantity, it's time for a flight of fantasy. Show all your creative abilities to the maximum. After all, what kind of figures do not make from the modules - from small flowers to luxurious paradise birds. Especially beautiful look New Year's origami from the modules in the form of a merry snowman under the New Year tree.

Modular origami - very interesting and usefulan activity that promotes the development of fine finger motility, which in turn develops brain activity, a good memory, a lot of patience and perseverance, and as a result of all this, the development of fantasy.

This is one of the few hobbies that fitsas a hobby for adults and children. Starting to make the simplest figures, you will learn this technique very quickly. And it will allow you to soon create multi-modular masterpieces. Such figures, presented to friends or relatives, will provide an excellent mood for you and your friend, who will receive such a wonderful hand-crafted article.