/ How to sew a summer dress with your own hands? Memo to beginners

How to sew a summer dress with your own hands? Memo to beginners

Someone's summer is over, and someone else has onlyahead. It would seem that it is time to clean summer dresses in a closet, but not all. Due to the fact that many people spend their vacations in the autumn or winter, people try to get out on the sea, beaches, to heat. What is there to do? Naturally, summer outfits. Unfortunately, a huge selection in stores does not always satisfy the needs of customers. There is a legitimate question: "How to sew a summer dress with your own hands, so it was perfect?". It is not so difficult!

how to sew a summer dress with your own hands

First steps

Many modern ladies have already forgotten with whichhand approach to the sewing machine. But in vain. After all, you can make the perfect dress yourself. Yes, such that everyone is envious. How? There are several basic steps:

  • choose a model;
  • find a pattern;
  • choose consumable material.

The latter is especially important. Before you sew a summer dress with your own hands, decide on the fabric. It should be light, pleasant colors. It is desirable that it is not too crumpled, it is opaque and strong enough. Not to the detriment of its airiness and lightness, of course. To the fabric should be selected and thread a suitable color. They should not be noticeable. Exception - the selected model can contain elements stitched so that they stand out. Immediately think about how to fasten your dress. Buttons, rivets, zippers? Choose their color in tone to a fabric or, on the contrary, cardinally opposite - at your discretion.

how to sew a dress by your own hands
Important step

When all the previous steps are completed, proceedto the most important thing. Take your measurements. Those that need to be removed according to the chosen style. How to sew a dress-case yourself? First, measure the waist, chest, hips. If it is closed to the shoulders, then the shoulder girth too. But for the summer, this dress does not quite fit. Too close and stuffy in it. But for the evening out in the summer - it's the most.

When the measurements are taken, transfer them to a pattern. Where can I find it? For example, ask the older generation. This option is not bad, because the fashion has a property to return. Surely my mother, grandmother, aunt somewhere lay the patterns of beautiful models. Do not forget that it is necessary to leave allowances, which then will play good service. All the details of the dress (skirt, top, sleeves, if any) are stitched together. Previously, they can be swept away by hand, for fitting. Or pin up with tailor's pins.

After the dress model is ready, you canto start sewing on buttons, lightnings and other things. The last point is the attachment of decorative elements. If these are thought of, you need to choose them before you sew a summer dress with your own hands. Appreciate whether they are needed at all or they can be replaced by accessories.

how to make a dress yourself

Advantages of independent sewing

Before you make a dress yourself, evaluate the advantages of this method:

  • you can choose any model and style;
  • the dress will sit perfectly;
  • low cost of the attire;
  • pride in themselves.

If the sewing skills are very small, you can askadvice from more experienced craftsmen. In the end, there are many girls who happily share their master classes, give advice and help absolutely free of charge. And the courses of cutting and sewing have not been canceled. Now you know how to sew a summer dress with your own hands. The machine and the advice of experienced seamstresses will help you! Good luck in your endeavors.