/ / The most simple patterns of a tissue bag with your own hands

The most simple patterns of a tissue bag with your own hands

Patterns of a bag from a fabric with own hands to make underforce absolutely everything. The summer season has come, and you do not have a beach bag? Search for something suitable time is not left, which means you need to sew it yourself. Or, for example, you are going to a dacha, and you do not have to carry the most necessary items for a shish kebab. Of course, last year you were going to buy an inexpensive backpack or bag to put brazier, skewer and liquid for ignition into it, but .... It happens to everyone. The easiest and right way out is just to take and sew such a bag!

Patterns of handbags made of cloth. Materials and size

Patterns of a bag from a fabric the hands
If you doubt your abilities, thenperform the simplest option. This is a rectangular or square bag. Although for someone the easiest option is a bag-bag with a round bottom. Everything depends on the attachments and purpose of the object. So, in order for you to get excellent patterns of handbags from the fabric with your own hands, you will need the very fabric, thread, needle, scissors, chalk or pencil, a large sheet of paper. Depending on which bag you are planning to sew, you may need a doubler and a lining cloth. On a sheet of paper, draw the desired size and shape of the bag in full size. Let's say you chose a square version of the product. Then you got a pattern of the side of the bag. Measuring the distance from the left upper edge through the bottom of the bag to the top right, we get the length of the insert that determines the width of the bag. As a rule, it is 10 - 15 cm.

Hand bag of cloth

Patterns of handbags made of cloth. How to cut?

Having decided on the size, you can starttransfer the details to the fabric. Do not forget to leave one and a half centimeter on the allowances for seams. After all the details of the bag have been drawn on the fabric, we cut out them, if necessary strengthen them with a dublerin and sew. From the remains of the same fabric we cut out the handles. We strengthen them with a double layer of duplerin or we impregnate a corsage tape. It will give the product the necessary rigidity. We tie the handles to the finished bag. That's it. Depending on the future use of the villa or a beach bag with his own hands made of fabric is ready. Decorate the finished product can ruffles or rhinestones, stones or applique. Depending on your taste and mood, you can get an ordinary shopping bag for a summer residence or a bright and attractive beach option. Though who prevents to decorate and a shopping bag, having transformed it in rather interesting and unusual? And let it store a brazier or just carry things ....

Bags of denim fabric with their own hands

Bags of denim fabric with their own hands

This kind of bags, as a rule, is made from oldjeans or jeans skirts. Thus, the second life is given to the things they love. The pattern of a bag made of cloth by one's own hands consists in altering the product, and not in using a new fabric. For a denim bag, often leave the top of the pants or skirts. The back and front pockets give extra charm to such things. Sewing the bottom or making an insert to add volume, stitching a long handle and decorating the belt with a bright chiffon scarf, you get an exclusive and very original bag!