/ / Knitting with needles for women (for complete): the basic rules and subtleties of creating elegant products

Knitting with needles for women (for complete): the basic rules and subtleties of creating elegant products

Full women in the selection of knitting patterns commitseries of errors. As a result, clothes are immense in size, and the lady in her looks shapeless and ugly. Let's consider in more detail how to choose the right models, so that knitting for women (for full) was a pleasure, and things emphasized femininity and sexuality.

Basic mistakes in choosing models

  1. Long vests. Trying to hide the completeness, women choose longmodels under flared maxi skirts or wide trousers, thereby attracting attention and creating a feeling of heaviness. Also emphasize the large forms of huge armholes for sleeves.
  2. Abundance of flowers. The mottled pattern only adds to the clothes a fussiness. Especially if the craftsman decided to take knitting patterns for full of motifs. Such multicolored large elements emphasize completeness because of the incompatibility of colors.
  3. Very short models under the breast. Similar lacy vests against the background of long blouses only tighten the chest and create waves under it, highlighting the belly. If you like such models, then wear them with clothes of direct silhouette.
    knitting for women for fat
  4. Formless waistcoats with a lowered sleeve. Such short "sack-like" models give the figure square shapes. The woman in them looks angular, heavy and heavy. By the way, very tight-fitting models are also not suitable for full ladies.

Knitting for fat women with knitting needles: the basic principles of work

Many beginners make mistakes in the processknitting, and since it takes a lot of time and effort to work, the craftsman wears what has happened. Most often these things turn out to be shapeless, heavy and heavy even on a hanger, and on full women this feeling only increases.

To initially

knitting patterns for complete
to connect the right thing, which emphasizes the dignity of the figure, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions:

  • choose the model of the waistcoat taking into account your figure and wardrobe;
  • Do not use simple patterns in the knitting, which make the woman faceless, gray and boring;
  • Avoid volumetric drawings that can visually "build" another kilogram ten;
  • Be careful with openwork and mesh patterns, because when the figure is tightened, "hills" are created (to avoid this, wear corrective underwear);
  • knitting needles for women (for full) should exclude the use of horizontal stripes, geometric shapes and large motifs;
  • The waistcoat should not be colorful, bright and at the same time gray and dull;
  • the thing should not tighten the body and hang on it.

Knitting with needles for women (for complete): simple scheme

When choosing a model of a future thing, then look how it looks to be full

knitting for fat women with knitting needles
women, and not on slender young mannequins. Even if you tie the same thing, but its size, its appearance will be completely different.

Once the model was selected,preparatory measures with yarn and determined the density of knitting, draw patterns. The simplest waistcoat is a straight silhouette up to the hips on two large round buttons. Unlike the shapeless models, this thing emphasizes the lines of the figure, the elastic at the bottom of the product, the design of the lowered sleeves, the necks and shelves only lengthen the silhouette.

Knitting needles for women (for full) such a model is not difficult. Only three patterns are used:

  1. Eraser 3x3 at the bottom of a vest 16 cm high.
  2. Facial and purl smoothness as the main pattern of the back and halves.
  3. Mesh pattern for straps and sleeves: in the front rows, the first loop is removed as the back one, the thread at work, the next one is sewn on the wrong side; in the purl strings there is an alternation of the front and back loops.

The originality of the product in this case is given by three colors of yarn: gray, powder color and melange. The main thing is to learn how to choose the color scheme and patterns, then completeness will not be an obstacle to beauty.