/ / Beautiful and delicious bouquets of chocolates with their own hands. For beginners - step by step instruction

Beautiful and delicious bouquets of chocolates with their own hands. For beginners - step by step instruction

Candy is always a good and delicious gift. But to present a box of chocolates in a package to a person is so ordinary and trivial. Such yummy can be presented in an original and bright way. How? Put the candy in a smart bouquet. It looks amazing! Such a gift 2 in 1: a bouquet, and sweets. Moreover, in such a composition you can include live flowers. How to learn to make bouquets of chocolates with your own hands? For beginning masters in this matter, we present the following master class.

bouquets of chocolates with own hands for beginners

Sweet camomiles

Now we will turn the candy into a flower with petals. Do you want the first time you get and chamomiles, and in general, bouquets of chocolates? Step by step instructions to help you.

To make a sweet composition you will need:

  • candy cone-shaped;
  • corrugated paper of white and green color;
  • wrapping;
  • twigs;
  • thread;
  • Scotch tape narrow;
  • wicker basket;
  • scissors.

So, we start making out bouquets of sweets with our ownhands. For beginners I want to note this detail: if the composition will be made of chocolate or jelly sweets, then before work, soak them for a while in the fridge. Then the sweet mass will cool, which will slow the process of its melting. To correctly make a bouquet of chocolates, step by step perform all the actions of this master class.

  1. bouquets of sweets step by step instruction
    From corrugated paper, cut squareblanks with a size of 5x5 cm. For each sweet flower, 5 such elements will be needed. Each square squeeze on the bottom edge. Top the parts with a scissor. So the first petal of a camomile is ready. Perform thus all the petals.
  2. To each candy, attach a stalk from the twig with scotch tape. To do this, attach it to the edge of the wrapper (in the place where it is twisted). It turns out a stalk with a center of a flower.
  3. On each workpiece in the same place where the twig is attached, thread the petals with a thread (5-6 pieces each).
  4. Cover the empty basket with wrapping paper, wrap the edges beautifully outward. Pour into the middle of any other candy - they will help to keep the sweet flowers in an upright position.
  5. Insert chamomile into the basket. Try to ensure that the entire container was filled with homemade flowers, then they will support each other and will not fall out. You can strengthen the composition with living or artificial plants.
  6. Decorate the composition with paper butterflies, ribbons.

According to this description, beautiful bouquets of chocolates are obtained with their own hands.

bouquet of chocolates
For beginners, a few more tips

If the petals do more and place them on the candy in checkerboard order (one above, the other below), then you get a flower that looks like a rose.

To make a sweet tulip, you need to cut out a piece of 8x8 cm from corrugated paper, put a candy in it and twist all four edges at the top of the cone at once.

The paper from which the petals are made can be painted in different shades. As a result, you get a divorce on the petals, which contributes to the creation of very beautiful candy colors.

Now you know all the secrets of makingsweet songs. You will certainly get to make bouquets of chocolates with your own hands. For beginners, our master class will serve as a good start in mastering this kind of needlework. Good luck in creating delicious gifts!