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Openwork carving from paper: schemes and recommendations

The one who first sees the products made ina kind of carved lace made of plain paper, is always surprised that it is not difficult to create such beauty with your own hands. Everyone can learn the openwork carving from paper. Schemes, which are taken as a basis, are easy to find in the specialized literature. The necessary tools are inexpensive and affordable.

openwork carving out paper schemes master class

Decor ideas

Use this interesting technique for boththe implementation of postcards, panels, and interior decorations. They make products usually from white or black paper, but other shades look great. It is interesting that not only do flat things. Very impressive is the voluminous openwork carving from paper. Schemes for such objects are also presented in the form of a contour drawing on a flat sheet, which is then folded along certain lines and glued to a three-dimensional detail. So, in the technique of silhouette cutting, you can do the following:

  • Postcards.
  • Snowflakes.
  • Ornaments for windows.
  • Table napkins.
  • 3D decor based on a flat product or assembled three-dimensional paper construction.

Having mastered the simple options, you can make fabulous in beauty things.

openwork cut out of paper circuit

Materials and Tools

You will need the following to master the openwork cut out of paper:

  • Schemes and printer to print them.
  • Sheets of white (or other) color.
  • Bread knife.
  • The base on which you will cut (special tablet, plain board or a piece of cardboard).
  • Manicure small scissors as an alternative to a knife or an addition to it.

The rest is optional and depends on how you will use the workpieces:

  1. To glue on a color basis - a decorative cardboard and glue.
  2. Hanging on a Christmas tree or in the room space - pendants (threads).
  3. Decorate the window - usual or bilateral tape.

In fact, nothing complicated, special and expensive is needed. Ordinary office stationery. The main thing is patience, perseverance and desire to make a masterpiece by oneself.

openwork carving from paper circuit New Year

Openwork carving from paper: diagrams, master class

Traditionally, patterns are created by cutting out a pieceA pattern on a sheet folded in a certain sequence. One of the most common and familiar products are snowflakes, but you can not only do them. Very effective will look a napkin or frame for a mirror, made according to the following pattern.

openwork cut out of paper circuit

Work like this:

  1. Take a sheet of white paper and fold it.
  2. Attach the printed drawing to the tracing paper and twiceCircle the contour to first draw it on the tracing paper, and then transfer it to the prepared substrate, or cut out the piece of the pattern as a stencil and circle.
  3. Cut out the pattern with sharp scissors.
  4. Expand the product.
  5. Iron the folds with an iron through another sheet. You can even out with a regular spoon.
  6. Put a delicate napkin on colored cardboard or paper. Gently glue the compound, which does not leave stains.
  7. Laminate the product. So it will last longer and preserve its pristine beauty.
    openwork cut out of paper circuit

Openwork carving from paper: New Year's schemes

For decoration of the interior elements of thistechniques you can perform various decorations on ready-made patterns. Print them on the right scale (usually the blanks are for a standard A4-sized sheet of paper), cut out the pattern. In the vastness of the Internet, there are many blanks both directly festive and just winter themes.

  • Christmas balls.

openwork carving from paper circuit New Year

  • Firs.
    openwork carving from paper circuit New Year
  • Houses.
  • Snowmen.

openwork carving from paper circuit New Year

  • Entire landscapes and lacy story scenes.

Begin working with simple schemes.

openwork carving from paper circuit New Year
Having mastered the principle and trained your hand, go to more complex multi-object compositions.
openwork carving from paper circuit New Year

How to Make Beautiful Snowflakes

One of the most traditional and favorite waysdecorating the premises for the New Year - this is an ornament with paper snowflakes. Usually they are glued to windows, cabinet doors, walls. Some make garlands of them, hang them on strings or put on a Christmas tree.

openwork snowflakes from paper cutting patterns

To make beautiful openwork snowflakes from paper, it is better to take out the cutting out schemes.

openwork snowflakes from paper cutting patterns
The main thing is to properly fold a piece of paper forapplying a template. Any snowflake consists of a pattern repeating along the circumference. There are blanks for 1/6 and 1/12 parts. The second variant with a narrower sector is obtained by addition of the workpiece for 1/6 part. You can fold a part on the basis of an already cut circle or any sheet that is first trimmed to a square, and then folded or, conversely, first the folds are made, and then the shape of the circle sector is cut out.
openwork snowflakes from paper cutting patterns

So, you learned in more detail what constitutesopenwork carving from paper. Schemes for any product can be taken ready or displayed fantasy and develop your own exclusive thing. Do creativity. Create beautiful decor with your own hands.