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Sew from a felt bag

Recently, more and more popularitycollect different products from felt and felt. Things created from these materials are distinguished by a special cosiness and beautiful appearance. From this article you will learn how to create from your own hands the felt bags and what material is better for this use.

Materials and Tools

You do not need a lot of materials. Sewing bags from felt is not so expensive. The main thing that you should pay attention to is the stiffness and thickness of felt. It should be thick and very hard so that your product does not lose shape and does not crumple. Also take good sharp scissors, chalk for patterns and strong threads. You will also need a needle or a sewing machine (with it a handbag of felt will be ready by hand for just half an hour).

The simplest bag of felt

And what is a felt? This is a nonwoven material, which is produced mainly from waste rabbit fur. Felt is distinguished by its wide range of colors, and most importantly, it does not crumble when cutting. For this reason, it is so often used in schools for children's creativity. Felt is available in rolls and sheets. For bags it is better to take large sheets with a thickness of at least five millimeters.

of felt bags

To sew bags of felt with your own hands, patternsare not required. For example, for the simplest model you will need two large and thick sheets of material. First determine the size of the future bag of felt. Then carefully cut out the squares or rectangles. Sweep them to each other. Make sure the bag is flat. Then sew two parts manually or with a sewing machine. The handle for the bag can be made both from felt, and from a thin chain. If you want to make a handle of felt, then take a long strip of material about seven or ten centimeters wide. Fold the strip in half and sew the resulting strap several times with threads. The handle is ready! It remains to sew it to your product. The fastener can be made from a linen rope. You can also sew a zipper or buttons, at your discretion.

of felt bags

If you want a bag not to be made of feltso simple, then make more pockets. Take the felt and estimate the size of the future pocket. Cut the desired piece in the form of a square, rectangle or semicircle. Sew to the bag. In order to avoid visible seams inside, it is possible to make a lining of special fabric for bags, flax or cotton.

A more sophisticated model of a felt bag

So you learned how to make a bag of feltown hands. Now you can try to sew a more complex model. First, take a long piece of felt about forty to eighty centimeters in size. Then sew short sides. This is the base of the bag. Then you need to make a pattern bottom. The length of its perimeter should be equal to the length of the circumference of the bag. For example, the size of the bottom can be thirty by ten centimeters. Cut out such a rectangle and swipe to the bag. Then you need to sew pockets. To do this you will need two rectangles measuring about ten by fifteen centimeters. Cut out the pockets and sew them to the bag. Also sew buttons to the pockets.

handbag of felt

Then make two handles out of the felt for the bag. For this, take two strips of about fifty centimeters long and ten centimeters wide. Make the handles as described above. Then, if you wish, you can sew the lining to the bag.

As you can see, it's quite easy to make bags out of felt. Even this model should not take more than an hour.

Decor on the bag

After you have sewn a bag, you can decorate itdecor of the same felt. You can use both ordinary material and self-adhesive. First draw on paper what you want to portray on your bag. Then cut out the figures and attach them to the felt. Circle the carved chalk figures and cut them out. Sew or glue the decor to the bag.

handbags made of felt

For decor it is better to take felt, which is in colordiffers from the bag itself. In addition, if you know how to play a little wool, then if you want you can make a bag even more beautiful! To do this, you will need to take a wool, a thin needle for felting and outline an approximate pattern. Then gently, trying not to damage the felt, seal the coat to the bag. The decor is ready! True, we must try to treat things carefully, if possible, not to spoil it and do not wash. As you can see, it's very easy to make bags out of felt.