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Knitting Crochet Dresses for Girls - Creating a Luxury Summer Dress

Going out for a walk with a child, many mothers andGrandmothers take handicrafts with them. And they do it for a reason. Unobtrusively, without much stress, you can create for the child an amazing outfit! Crochet dresses for girls crochet - it's not as tricky as it may seem at first.

Straight sarafan dress with straps

knitting dresses for girls crochet
The simplest model is the outfit of a direct silhouette. This sarafan is made by knitting in a circle without a seam. Drawing a foreman can choose at his discretion, it is important only to measure the breadth of the baby's chest and perform the first row - the air chain - equal to this size. Of course, knitting crocheted dresses for girls involves expanding the product downwards. As decorations look great crocheted bells, pompons, brushes and flowers. After the main part of the product is ready, straps are tied to the top of the bodice. They are recommended to decorate with "pendants". You can make a complete set: a dress and a hat, a sarafan and a hat. This model is most suitable for very small coquette - up to 2 years.

Beach dress, flared downwards

beautiful clothes for girls
Girls from 2 to 5 years can be associated with anothermodel of summer dress. Knitting crochet dresses for girls can include the use of two patterns: more dense on the bodice and lace for making a lush skirt. Very stylish looks like this outfit with straps. But no less luxurious will look like a small fashionist in a sarafan with ties tied with a bow on the back of the neck. Knitted lace products are the most beautiful clothes for girls. In addition, it is convenient in that it is made of cotton natural threads, is hygroscopic, light and does not cause allergies and diaper rash. You can decorate the outfit with a contrast bandage of the bottom and top of the dress, as well as the edges of the ties or straps. Cute cheerful flowers on the bodice in a tone trim and kuliska on his top turn a sarafan in a luxurious outfit of a princess. You can use for embellishment also embroidery with beads.

Elegant fishnet dress with a hat

stylish clothes for girls
And you can make a dress for a little girl in the style of the 50'syears. Let the dress be a bit elongated, with wide, deflated armholes, with a skirt starting from the armpits. Stylish clothes for girls even at the earliest age form a good taste for them, makes them more confident. And all this together is the key to their successful future.

Dress in a nautical style

But the most skilled craftsmen can createa real masterpiece, for example, a dress-panel. This is when blue-green algae shake the leaves on a blue background, smiling octopuses run along the sandy bottom and the hem, and striped clownfish and amusing multi-colored jellyfish float along the entire canvas without any symmetry. Knitting dresses for girls crochet this model begins with the manufacture of small details: seaweed, stones and sand, marine life. Then on the pattern with English pins the plot of the panel is pierced. And after that, the blue needle thread "ties" the whole picture, making from one detail to another the air chains. The dress turns out to be extremely airy and beautiful - to match that little princess, for which her mother, grandmother, sister or aunt tried so hard.