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We manufacture a pencil case with our own hands

One of the unchanging attributes of school lifeis a pencil case. It can be made of different materials and have different shapes. If the stores can not find such a school accessory that you will like, or you want the thing to be unique in its kind and unique, you can make a pencil case yourself.

Pencil with your own hands

The easiest way is to sew a soft pencil case made of fabric. The process of tailoring will take a couple of hours, and you can use a pencil case even though all school years. This model is convenient because it has no cover, no buttons, no stickers, which is very convenient for children of primary school age.

First, you need to measure the pocket of the portfolio,where there will be a school pencil case. From a dense fabric (you can even use old jeans), we cut out a rectangle of the appropriate size. It will serve as the basis of the thing. And for it to be very dense, you need to cut two or three of the same rectangle. Fold all the cut pieces together, process and turn the edges, then we poke around the perimeter on the sewing machine.

School pencil case

The pocket of the pencil case is cut out so that its lengthwas less than a few centimeters and a few centimeters wider. This is necessary in order to stitch on it branches for pens, pencils and other 3-4 cm wide. As a result, a kind of cartridge belt is obtained. The edges of the pocket are also preprocessed. You can choose for him a fabric of a different color, which will look contrast to the base. Insert pens, pencils, ruler in each compartment of the pocket so that everything is tightly filled. The product is ready, and now you understand that it was easy and simple to sew a pencil case by hand.

However, this is far from the onlywhich can make a similar school accessory at home. If you do not want to sew, then using a cylinder, left from a roll of paper towels or food film, you can make a pencil case yourself, which will look like a pencil. It is not difficult to do this, so you can attract a child to the process.

On a solid sheet of paper draw a small circle,we cut it out using scissors. We cut in one place to the middle of the circle and make a cone that fits the cylinder in size. Finish the cone with adhesive tape to the cylinder. Then paint all with acrylic or gel paints and varnish. In order for the color to turn out to be bright and smooth, before dressing it is necessary to cover the product with a primer or white paint. However, such a pencil case requires more imagination and ability to turn even the oldest rubbish into something valuable.

Sew a pencil case yourself

As a cover, a sponge is used, cut outIn the form of a circle a bit larger than the circumference of the cylinder. The top of the cone is colored with a felt-tip pen to make the pencil look like a pencil. To make the product more durable, it can be varnished for decorative work.

A pencil made of thread crocheted will delightgirls. In order for it to hold its shape well, the thread should be taken as thick as possible. You can decorate such a product with paillettes, beads or from contrasting threads to tie the flowers and sew them on a knitted fabric.

Ways of how to make a pencil case with your own hands, similar to the above, there is a huge amount, you only need the desire to create your masterpiece!