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Pattern of a bag: sew a new accessory for one evening!

The bag made by own hands is a unique accessory in which the part of soul is enclosed, and also an excellent idea for a gift. Sewing a handbag is not difficult, it can be done in just one evening.

bag pattern
You will need a fabric, lining, a bag pattern,chalk, scissors, thread, needle, accessories, decorative elements (optional). Upper material should be chosen depending on the purpose of the accessory. For evening clutch, a patent leather, gypsum, satin, brocade will suit. A sports or beach bag can be sewn from a dense cotton, linen or denim fabric. It is desirable to strengthen the handles with strong material. If you decide to please yourself with a new thing for work or study, choose suede, velor, wool.

The easiest way is to sew a clutch or a bag-tablet. The pattern of the bag in this case is a rectangle. It is not difficult to calculate its parameters. Suppose you conceived a bag measuring 30 cm (length) by 15 cm (height).

bag pattern
The length of the pattern will be 30 cm and the height 45 cm. Do not forget to take into account the allowances for the processing of seams (1-2 cm). Now divide the height of the pattern into 3 equal parts, bend one of them and process the side seams. The corners of the free part can be slightly rounded. From the inside we attach the button, so that the bag closes. A long ribbon, strap, chain can act as a handle.

The next pattern of the bag is a little more complicated. The whole bag is made up of one piece. Dashed places marked bends. First we sew the bottom, then the side seams. At the end we process the top and handles. It is desirable to make a lining of a rigid fabric, so that the bag will hold the mold better.

The beach bag should be comfortable, durable androomy. This article presents the simplest pattern of a beach bag. Outwardly, she looks like a T-shirt. If the base is wider than the top, the bag will be an interesting trapezoidal shape.

bag pattern
Fold the material twice with the wrong sideOutward, we trace the pattern with chalk, cut out. The fold should be placed below, then you do not have to make a seam on the bottom of the bag. We process sidewalls and straps. The narrow edges of each strap are connected together. And you can just tie them with a flirty knot. Done! You can flaunt on the beach with a new accessory!

Pattern of a beach bag
If you just sew two rectangles on three sides and sew handles, you will also get a nice handbag. It can be closed with a zipper or buttons. This is probably the simplest pattern of a bag.

bag making patterns

Are you going to throw out your old purse? Do not rush, it can still come in handy. With it, you easily make your own bag patterns. Seal the seams, place the product on a tracing paper or newspaper. Circle the contours of the marker, mark the place of attachment of handles, accessories. Now you can sew on this pattern replacing the old handbag. You can vary the width, height of the parts, change the shape. So you will have several different patterns at once.

How can I decorate a finished product? Everything is limited only by your imagination: applique, embroidery, lace, bows, beads ... You can add inserts from another fabric. Particularly interesting are the contrast solutions: inserts of leather on a suede bag, floral fragments on a monophonic background. You can make flowers from satin ribbons or crochet them. Be creative and do not be afraid to experiment!