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Bolero sew by hands? There is nothing easier!

Bolero was coined as a malesleeveless jackets in Spain. Now this elegant thing took a strong place in the women's wardrobe. Bolero excellent helps in cool weather, if the dress with open shoulders and back. Therefore, many brides supplement their outfit with such a blouse, including fur, if the wedding day is set for the cold season. This detail of women's clothes is perfect not only for evening dress, but for everyday clothes, it will give the image a special elegance. You can make bolero with your own hands of denim fabric for everyday wear, and of beautiful cloth with embroidery or lace - for ceremonial occasions. Of course, you can buy a thing in the store, but in this case it will no longer be exclusive, besides, picking a separate detail for the ready ensemble is much more difficult than making it yourself.

Often young mummies try to bolo stitchwith their own hands for daughters, for example, in addition to a smart dress for a morning party in the kindergarten. In this kit, any baby will be a real princess, especially if you embroider a blouse with beautiful beads, bows, make an applique. Adult girls may also need a toilet part for the final dress.

There is nothing easier than to sew a bolero with your own hands,if there is even a small skill in working with a sewing machine. And you do not even need to buy cloth. You can put on an alteration of an old blouse, which will find a new life in just a few hours. It is enough, leaving the allowances on the file, cutting off the bottom, sleeves (if you do not want to leave them), bend the edges and stitch on the typewriter. You can supplement the bolero with cuffs, sew embroidered strings, trim with braid or whatever you want. To fasten the turned out blouse it is possible on a brooch, or at all to not button, some variants bolero of it do not assume.

how to sew a bolero pattern
Pattern can be searched in magazines or just take your favorite model (from a friend, for example) and traverse it on the fabric, leaving allowances for seams. On the first fitting fit into the figure.

A few more tips on how to sew bolero. A pattern found somewhere may not fit your parameters, you'll have to draw it yourself. To do this, you need to take measurements from your shoulders and chest. Attach the pattern details to the fabric. Fasten with safety pins and circle with chalk or a simple pencil if the fabric is light. Cut out the parts and sweep them by hand. Now you can conduct the first fitting and make the necessary changes. Only then can you sew everything together and process the edges. The final stage is finishing the finished product.

As we have seen, bolero sew by hand completelynot difficult. It is even easier to make shreg - a blouse, consisting only of sleeves and back. To do this, take a rectangular piece of cloth with a narrow side, the length of which is about 70 cm. The second should correspond to the width of the back plus two necessary lengths of the sleeve. Sew the opposite edges, but the seam does not reach the middle.

You can make a bolero with your own hands severalin very simple ways. Selected for your taste decorations will give the product originality. Well, if the finish will repeat the decoration of the dress for which the bolero is sewn.