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How to sew a dress without a pattern in Greek style

From the fashion podiums for a year, clothes in the Greek style - dresses, tunics, blouses, do not come off.

how to sew a dress without a pattern
True, the price of some models is quite high. If you are limited in means, do not be discouraged. Such clothes are good in that it is very easy to make by hand, without any patterns. And sometimes you do not even need to sew!

How to sew a dress without a pattern? Easily!

So, we decided on what to cut out patterns frommagazines and download from the Internet is not required. But what can not be dispensed with is, of course, cloth. Still need scissors, thread in tone, several meters of braid or decorative tape and sewing machine. But even if it is not there - it does not matter, you can sew the dress by hand.

Several recommendations for choosing fabrics: they should be light, flowing, thin, so that the dress turns you into a real Greek goddess. If you want a long outfit, the cut of the material should be not less than three meters, for a short dress it will be enough for one and a half to two meters.

So, we bought the fabric, we stocked up the threads, and now, actually, how to sew a dress in the Greek style. There are several ways.

The first method is the simplest. You do not need anything to sew. Just need to take a piece of cloth, wrap it in, forming a beautiful draped folds, and pin ends with pins or a decorative brooch on the shoulder. You can take decorative braid and bandage the resulting dress under the breast. Done! This is an ideal option for the beach - the dress is light, flying, with any gust of wind seductively burst open, demonstrating your tanned forms. If you want a more complete outfit, you can simply sew it on one side, from the armhole to the hem. And the ends of the other, again, stabbed on the shoulder. The image can be supplemented with suitable accessories and shoes in the Greek style.

how to make a dress in Greek style
The next way is how to sew a dress without a pattern,not much more difficult than the previous one. We take a piece of cloth, lay it on the floor. We find the middle and draw a shallow line. This will be the line of shoulders, from it in both directions will go before and behind the dresses. We find the middle of this line and draw a perpendicular line that goes to one side (back) less, and the other (in front) - more. This will be a cutout for the head.

Now you can try on a dress and, if necessary,deepen the cutout. In principle, it can be at least to the waist. Then you need to take each side of the neckline on the shoulders and under the chest, fix the result with pins with braids. You can place one more braid on the waist. Once again try on. If the folds are arranged, you are comfortable, you can sew the braid or ribbon to the point.

The same can be done on the back. And you can leave the middle of the cut free to sag - make a "swing". Sew the side seams, and on the side, at the ends of the ribbons, you can make a fastener with a button or velcro.

how to sew a dress from jersey
The third way will suit you, if you have oneshort narrow dress on a figure strapless, but you do not wear it for some reason. After reading the next paragraph, you will understand how to sew a dress without a pattern based on this "swathe".

Actually, everything is as before: turn around the fabric over a tight short dress, form a beautiful drapery, pin or stitch the ends on one shoulder. We sew the individual folds with secret stitches to the dress-base. The tissue can be opaque or translucent - it all depends on the desired effect. If you do not have such a foundation, you can also sew it yourself, for example, from elastic jersey. How to sew a dress from jersey? Very simply - a rectangle of the necessary length and width is simply sewn along the side seam. Due to its elasticity, he will take the form of your body.

Now you know how to sew a dress without a pattern in the Greek style. And, experimenting a little, you can create several outfits of different colors, shapes and length. We wish you creative success!