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How to make a pattern of overalls

The history of the first tailoring of the overalls is unknown, butin the United States at the end of the nineteenth century, a factory began to work on sewing workwear of such cut from denim. For a long time this garment was intended only for work. During the Second World War, overalls were sewn for all types and types of troops.

Pattern of overalls
For work in harsh climatic conditions and inwinter time sewed warmed overalls. And only in the seventies, when this wardrobe was presented at the fashion shows, he quickly gained immense popularity as a women's casual wear, in which one can feel incredibly comfortable.

If you combine the pattern of the dress at the top of itparts and pattern trousers, you get a pattern of overalls. Thanks to this, you can create countless different patterns of this type of clothing for all occasions. The top of the overalls can be with sleeves, on straps or without anything at all. As a bottom, you can use classic trousers, breeches or banana trousers. The list of options can be continued indefinitely.

Designing a pattern of women's overalls

On a millimeter paper we make a pattern-basedresses and trousers (they can then be used for modeling other clothes), we reshoot everything onto a tracing paper and begin the process of designing, so that the result is a pattern of overalls for women.

On the waist line, cut the pattern of the dress,the bottom is not needed. On the pattern we simulate the lines of the neck and armhole. The pattern of the front of the trousers is connected along the waist line to the top of the dress. We straighten the sides of the overalls. Darts on the waist can not be done, and instead of them provide a kuliska. The construction of the overalls pattern will be similar.

Pattern of overalls for women

If the top gear and the back of the overalls are plannedmake a whole-knee, then after the pattern of the overalls is ready, it is cut along the waist line, and the upper parts are cut out with a fold along the center of the transmission and the back. The allowance for freedom of fit for the upper part is given not less than one and a half centimeters.

Similarly, a pattern of overalls of any kind and complexity is constructed. Due to the versatility of the overalls can be worn in any season and in different weather.

Overalls for children

For the smallest, the overalls are the mostconvenient and actual type of clothes. In order to make clothes for your baby as comfortable as possible, you can sew overalls at home. This will at the same time save money.

For a child, the overall pattern is made mucheasier, than a pattern of a female toilet. But if you do not want to suffer with the construction, take a sample in the magazine for needlework and make all the necessary adjustments. Patterns are usually universal, and they can easily be "fitted" to the size of the child.

Pattern of children's overalls

When the pattern of children's overalls ready, begin to cut the details. At this time it is important not to forget to make allowances for seams. Sewing a jumpsuit does not present special difficulties. And as a result, you can provide the baby with clothes for any season.