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Knitting with a knitting needle for the whole family

Each season provides for certain clothes. It is united by one property - it should be practical, convenient and maximum appropriate to a certain temperature regime. For the cold months of the year, you will certainly need a scarf that will protect you from the unpleasant piercing wind. However, this popular piece of clothing can be replaced by a warm and comfortable shirt-front. She will perfectly replace the traditional scarf. Knitting bunnies with knitting needles is easy to master. Within a few days you can cope with the task.

Crochet knitwear

Universality of the needlework scheme

Knitting with knitting needles for women and men, andalso favorite babies are performed in the same way. However, there are certain differences. The needlewomen, after a little fantasy, create completely different models. First of all, knitting bunnies with knitting needles for the fair sex will be different using a softer and more vivid yarn, as well as a variety of patterns. Excellent work with the use of "bundles" in combination with voluminous "rubber bands". If the needlework is done by the "front" smoothing, the edges are hooked. The knitting of manicles with knitting needles for men provides for a more rigorous approach to work and the application of moderate yarn colors.

How to start work?

When starting needlework, it is necessary to decide onthe size of the product. The knitting of shirt-sleeves with knitting needles is the untying of a large warm collar, the size of which should be such that it is possible to freely wear the product.

The second important point is the selection of yarn. Knitting with omnibus knitting needles for winter is made from wool yarn. For autumn and spring, fine wool yarn is perfect. Also select the color of the material for needlework. It should be in harmony with the outer clothing.

Knitting needles for women

Knitting Pattern

Needlework will require 100 grams of yarn, circular or stocking knitting needles.

Knitting with his knitting needles begins with a collar. For a more dense fit, this part of the product is knitted with an elastic band. Most often used pattern "rubber band 2 x 2". It is carried out, consistently unscrewing 2 face, 2 purl loops.

The estimated number of loops andknit pattern "elastic". The length of circular knitting should be at least twenty-five centimeters. As a result of work, we get an elastic stocking, similar to the collar of a winter sweater.

Knitting is continued with the facial smoothness. In this case, it is necessary to perform the addition of loops. The number of loops is divided into 4 equal parts. All the odd numbers are performed by the "facial" series. Additions are made at four divisions in each even number. That is, by tying the fourth part of the calculated loops with the backs, we untype from one loop 3.

Twenty four rows are produced. As a result, the addition in four places in each even row will increase the blade by 48 loops.

The length of the shirt-front can be adjusted by the number of tied rows with additions. The product is ready.

Variations of performance of benches

The knitting pattern of the shirt-front is quite simple. A craftsman, using it, can perform a wide variety of products. It can be elegant women's or strict men's, and also especially comfortable children's shirt-front.

Knitting the shirt-front with knitting needles

According to this scheme, you can knit your shirt with knitting needles. To do this, instead of the gate-stocking, a gate of any shape is fastened, providing a buckle with buttons.