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Pattern of men's shorts with their own hands? Easy!

What can be more comfortable shorts for men inhot summer day? At work, of course, in this form you will not go, but for recreation on the street and at home this is exactly what you need. And buy an expensive thing is not necessary, because men's shorts, whose pattern is made very easily, you can sew yourself. To do this, you will need a cloth, paper or construction oilcloth for modeling the workpiece, sewing accessories, a machine and, of course, a desire.

pattern of men's shorts

About cutting and tailoring

The pattern of men's shorts is done in two ways.

The first way

Simulation of shorts on the basic pattern of trousers. Here you will need to calculate the length of the future product, make an increase in free fit and remove the thawed darts. With the first two paragraphs it is clear, but how to deal with the latter? Nothing complicated in this. Planting shorts at the waist is usually done on an elastic band and a lace, the trouser is in most cases straight from the hip. Therefore, to align the outer section of the leg, you need to remove the dart. To do this, a perpendicular is drawn from its top to the bottom, along this line the pattern of male shorts is cut to the top and combined at the waist. On the side seams are made increases - so that shorts can be easily worn.

men's shorts pattern

If the style provides a standard pantsfit and zipper, then only length will be enough to correct. Such a pattern of shorts is used by professional cutters.

The second way

It is a bit clumsy, but if you do not have a basic base of trousers of the right size, you can not do without it. In this case, the pattern of men's shorts is as follows:

  • we take our favorite pants, turn them inside out, insert one leg into the other and apply them to the paper;
  • alternately circle the back and front halves, unfolding the trousers so that the lines and bends move correctly;
  • We make an increase in the free fit and the desired length of the workpiece.
    construction pattern shorts

Depending on the chosen style, shorts can beModel, using a pattern made by both methods. For example, in the side seams it is easy to leave decorative incisions with rounded edges of the front and back halves. It will be interesting to look at the side inserts from the contrasting fabric, and this can be not only straight vertical lines. The pattern of men's shorts can be cut into several parts with smooth lines or sharp angles, but remember - the more shaped parts, the harder the assembly of the product.

About color

Drawing on the fabric is not always appropriate, but summershorts, this is exactly the thing that will only benefit from its availability. Floral patterns, vertical, horizontal and even diagonal stripes, camouflage colors and the most incredible models with embroidered fabric - all this is a fashion trend that has been alive for many seasons. And the combination with such a thing can be the most unexpected. Designers in their collections suggest combining seemingly inappropriate things, but the result is simply terrific. So, for example, a combination of a strict cardigan with shorts in a strip, a jacket with an embroidered capri or a monochrome shirt with a pattern with a floral pattern. Variation mass, so even the most capricious man can find his perfect summer option without changing his style.