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Pattern of women's summer overalls: a versatile product with their own hands

The overalls, which we are so used to wear in childhood and considered an element of clothing exclusively young, is incredibly convenient and suitable for women with almost any figure.

pattern of summer overalls
Not for nothing are leading couturiers of our timeseason replenish their collections with the embodied ideas of this particular subject. Particularly indispensable is the women's summer overalls, whose pattern does not necessarily have to be fanciful and complex, because it is simplicity and classics that are appreciated from year to year. He can replace a business suit and evening dress, go for a mountain hike or a romantic encounter, it's all just a matter of fashion. Correctly matched pattern of female summer overalls will ensure the most elegant fit of the product accurately in shape, while quietly concealing its small flaws and emphasizing the best sides.
overalls female summer pattern
So, for example, the owner of beautiful legsyou should buy a model with short shorts and wear them with blouse-covered blouses without a deep neckline and with shoes. This image will look extraordinarily sexy and expressive. And if it is a little out of pocket or not available for other reasons, there will be no better option how to sew a women's overalls. Its pattern is not as complex as it might seem at first glance, because there are many hand-made tricks to simplify tailoring and giving individuality. To do this, only you need to choose the right style, material, to invent an exclusive decor.

how to sew a overalls women's pattern

Pattern of summer overalls for womenknitted or even chiffon pastel shade will help you create a product that will look very romantic. To add a drop of sexuality, we will make it with an open back and short shorts, and to emphasize the tenderness we use the decor in the form of a bow and a shallow neckline. The first hand-crafted trick: if you use your shirt and shorts instead of your templates, then an additional pattern of the female overalls of the summer will not even be needed. To do this, we put things together in two parts, and then on a two-layer piece of fabric we surround them with dry soap, not forgetting about the allowances. It is advisable to make them free to further get cute assemblies on the belt and that the product does not constrain your movements.

how to sew a overalls women's pattern

Thus, the pattern of female overallsyear-old is made in three stages: making the top, bottom and their connection with each other. To tailor the shorts, first circle the front part (first), and then back (the second), and stitch them in pairs 1 + 2 lateral seams, and then internal. To make the top, we need four parts: the front two in the form of a waistcoat, joined together by fasteners on the buttons, and the rear ones - of the same shape, only with the neckline cut before them to the lumbar region and the wrists for binding them into an elegant bow. When attaching the top and bottom, it is better to make a double seam, inside which you can insert either an elastic band or a thick cord for tightening at the waist. You can make an option and with pockets, and the front part of the overalls decorated with appliques and paillettes.