/ / Hand-made from natural materials on the theme of autumn. A fascinating and cognitive activity

Hand-made from natural materials on the theme of autumn. A fascinating and cognitive activity

Autumn time does not cease to inspire us with itsbeauty and richness of shades. It seems that nature is trying to dress up as brightly as possible for the last time before a long white winter. And even she asks people to capture her passing beauty, providing a huge amount of material in order to make wonderful crafts with her own hands. The theme "Autumn" - the most in demand. Gold of autumn leaves is originally packed into a wide variety of products. And then still long time pleases the eye.

hand-made from natural materials on the theme of autumn

Wide range of materials

An article from natural materials on the theme "Autumn"can be done with children and for children or just for decorating the interior, as a gift to someone of friends. Variants of plots for the panel, as well as materials for them, a great many. Bright leaves, acorns, chestnuts, cones, fanciful twigs, flowers and berries - everything is right.

Playing, learning

Children's crafts on the theme "Autumn" are intended,in addition to the development of artistic taste and fine motor skills, to introduce children to the peculiarities of this time of the year. Kids remember which plants bloom and bear fruit in autumn, learn to distinguish trees by their leaves. Also, children learn about the peculiarities of animal behavior during this period.

For example, you can make a hedgehog from the pricklychestnut skin and acorn. On his thorns you can attach an apple from plasticine and explain to the child that the hedgehogs make stocks for the winter: they puncture fruit or mushrooms on needles and carry them to their burrows.

children's crafts on the theme of autumn

Product execution techniques

An article made of natural materials on the theme "Autumn" can be performed in various techniques:

- applications of leaves (patterns, paintings, ayris-folding);
- panels and mock-ups from natural materials;
- flowers from leaves;
- papier mache;
- prints of leaves on plasticine, salt dough or paper;
- thread on the leaves.

crafts own theme autumn

Peculiar application

Very effectively looks hand-made from naturalmaterials on the theme "Autumn", made in the technique of ayris-folding. It is a kind of application. Literally "ayris folding" is translated from English as "rainbow folding". With this technique you can make amazing pictures, postcards or frames for photos.

The essence of ayris folding

1. Take a sheet of paper, which is applied to the drawing.
2. The picture is cut out along the contour.
3. The cut outline is used as a template, which marks the order of the elements and their color.
4. Materials are being prepared that will be used in the craft. For the autumn theme, dried and colorful leaves are perfect. It is necessary to sort the leaves by color and each fold in half so that one edge is even.

crafts own theme autumn

5. Consistently, in the order specified in the template, paste the leaves. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that each element is glued to the previous layer.

If you follow the pattern clearly, you will succeedThe original picture, consisting of many strips, which can contrast sharply on the color scale, but at the same time look at the surprise harmoniously and holistically.

In conclusion

An article made of natural materials on the theme "Autumn" will become a fun, developing activity for children and a beautiful decoration of your house. She will give a special comfort, which is so attractive in the autumn pore.