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Step-by-step instruction: how to sew a sweetshirt with your own hands

The thing that should be in the wardrobe of eacha girl who watches a little fashion is a sweetshot. The stores offer a large selection of styles and colors for this type of clothing. But those who want to have a unique thing, you need to learn how to sew a sweetshot.

Distinctive properties

how to sew a whistle with your own hands

Distinguish the swiss from the other clothes:

  1. Raglan sleeves.
  2. Sleeves with a low cut line.
  3. Round neck.
  4. Absence of fasteners, even for decorating purposes.
  5. Free cut.
  6. Dense knitted material, which is sometimes insulated inside.
  7. Absence of hood and pockets. Some modern models allow the use of these parts.

Choice of fabric

First, select the fabric. Usually for sewing swiss shirts use knitwear: it is comfortable, soft and is best suited for everyday wear.

  • Futer. Often happens with a fleece or down from the wrong side. The material is perfect for those who decided to take a chance and learn how to sew a sweetshirt for the winter. To create lighter models, it is better to use a stretchfinder - it stretches well.
  • Rebana. Elastic properties of the fabric allow you to cut out the neck and cuffs. The fabric is perfect for the whole product.
  • Kulirka. Suitable for sewing summer clothes. Keeps the shape well and at the same time stretches.
  • Kapiton. Fabric is interesting even without a print. It is called a sandwich because of the three layers that make things very warm.

sew a sweatshirt with your own hands

We offered the most popular materials for sewing a sweetshirt, but a consultant at a sewing store can advise something else.


Even a beginner can easily sew a sweetshirt with his own hands. Pattern is simple, it does not need to be adjusted to the shape. The main thing is that the jacket is well seated in the shoulders.

to sew a sweatshirt with your own hands

Use the ready-made pattern. To do this, you need to print it in full size by dividing the finished image into several parts. The pattern is designed for a size 42-44, but you can reduce or increase it. To do this, attach the front part to yourself. If everything is in order, then keep cutting. If not, then take the tracing paper or drawing sheets. Pin them a pattern and circle them. Now you can make adjustments by adding or removing centimeters from each side.

It will be easier if you take a finished productand translate the details (front, back, sleeves) onto the tracing paper. But do not forget to add 3 cm of allowances to the seams! Now you can be sure that the swatch will fit you in size.


how to sew a sweetshot

How to sew a sweetshirt with your own hands and what is needed for this?

  • Sewing machine.
  • Safety pins.
  • The cloth.
  • Threads in the color of the fabric.
  • Scissors.
  • Chalk or soap.

What to do:

  1. So, you decided to sew a sweetshit with your own hands. The pattern should be transferred to the fabric from the wrong side. To do this, fold the fabric and sheets in half. To the fold, attach a pattern and pin it with pins. Circle all the details. Cuffs and bottom make twice as wide as the template.
  2. If you are working on a finished pattern, then mark about 3 cm on the seams.
  3. Cut out the details.
  4. Sew the parts of the gear and the backrest in the shoulder area. Attach the product to yourself to see if the size is right for you. If everything is in order, then connect the elements with threads in the color of the fabric on the sewing machine.
  5. Stitch the recesses on the sleeves. Stroke them in the side of the back.
  6. Sew the sleeves together, the back and front, pre-fastened with safety pins.
  7. Stitch side seams and iron in the side of the back.
  8. Fold the bottom and cuffs in half. Sew it.
  9. For the neck, cut a strip two times as wide as the cuffs, and sew it with the backrest and front.
  10. The cuffs, the bottom and the neck are sewn with the rest of the details with a finishing stitch.
  11. Ottuzhte finished product.

Done! It's so easy to sew a sweetshirt with your own hands! The pattern is simple, so even a novice seamstress can cope with the task.


It turned out that the answer to the question of how to sew a sweetshot is simple. But now you need to make sure that the finished product is unique. For this, take up the decoration. Décor options:

  • Take rhinestones, patches, stones and other shinyaccessories. It can simply "scatter" on the front of the product. It will be more interesting if you first draw a picture on the sheet and, using it as a diagram, lay out the decoration in the necessary order. With the help of the pacifiers, it's so easy to create a colorful image! The main thing is to use threads of the right color. Good looking rhinestones, located only on the sleeves.
  • With a sewing seam, embroider a triangle under the neck. This is a fashionable solution, which decorates most swiss shots. This can be done in threads of contrasting color.
  • Lace inserts on the sleeves. A great solution for creating a romantic style.

sew a sweatshirt with your own hands

  • Decorate the sweetshirt with decorative ice cream or cherry. Ice cream balls or berries cut out of fur, and the base - from ordinary fabric. Get an interesting three-dimensional decor.
    how to sew a sweetshot

You learned how to sew a sweetshot. It turns out that this is not difficult. Add a few fancy details to make the product different from those sold in the store. Fashionable blouse looks great both with jeans, and with skirts!