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Beaded Animals for Beginners

Hobby, or a favorite pastime, helps not onlyto brighten up free time, but also gives an opportunity to do something new and interesting. One such lesson, beadwork, has recently become more popular not only among children of different ages, but also among adults. With the help of small decorative beads, not only various decorations are created, but also crafts, and even whole pictures. Perhaps even weaving of animal beads.

beaded animals

Even at the dawn of time, people used toornaments, various objects in which holes were made for stringing on threads from different materials. Such beads were made of wood, amber, pebbles, seeds and other natural materials, later - from glass. Now, the beads are made mainly of artificial materials, but the most prized are still beads made from natural materials, even from precious ones. Thus, weaving from beads - art is ancient and at the same time new. Its modern flowering began in the 19-20 century, and to this day beadwork does not lose its relevance, and conquers new fans. And this activity for children is not only original, which can be bragged to friends and acquaintances, but also very useful. It helps to develop attention, artistic taste, fine motor skills. And, of course, the child will get a lot of pleasure from the knowledge that he made a real useful thing. Make from beads cute handbags, cases for glasses and mobile phones, key chains, cup holders and other original accessories. Stylishly look animals from beads, jewelry for clothes of various kinds and, of course, costume jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets, beads and necklaces.

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Methods of weaving with beads

Every master who is engaged in this kind ofart, have their secrets and their own methods. Thanks to this, everyone gets special jewelry, crafts or animals from beads. Usually, for stringing, take a special strong thread, which is threaded into the needle. For some products, it is more convenient to use two needles that are at opposite ends of the thread. In order for the product to remain in shape, it is necessary to tighten the thread well. Veshchichki, which will give its authors weaving from beads, animals or other toys, can bring a lot of joy.

beading animals
Beadwork of animals as a kind of beadwork

Beginners are advised to weave products in advanceprepared schemes that can be found in large numbers. Also there are many different master classes, where different methods of work are visually displayed. Also, those who only make the first steps in this art, it will be interesting to make small crafts. For example, you can make a cute crocodile or a turtle, using a light technique of parallel weaving. These and other animals from beads will not only decorate the house, but will also become a beautiful and original gift. To make toys you will need colorful beads, the number of which will be easy to calculate, based on the found scheme.

Animals made from beads are relatively easy to make, so even beginners can make them. And then you can take on the following models and even come up with your own.