/ / Tie an openwork bolero for girls with knitting needles

Tie an openwork bolero for girls with knitting needles

Want your little daughter to lookprincess? Tie a cloak over her shoulders for her - an openwork bolero. Spokes can be made simply stunning patterns. This wardrobe item will probably become the favorite thing of a small fashionista and a universal "wand-pin", since it can be worn at any time of the year. Looks great over a dress over a light dress in cool weather in the summer, and in winter can replace a vest. Binding bolero for a girl with knitting needles or crochet is easy and even for beginner needlewomen.

bolero for girls with knitting needles

From the history of the bolero

A small cape is native Spanishthe subject of the wardrobe, because for centuries it was an obligatory part of the national toreador costume. This type of clothing appeared in the XVIII century and looked like a lightweight short jacket, without fasteners and sleeves. Later European fashionable women deserved credit for this new extravagant little thing that made the female image chaste, coquettishly covering the decollete zone. Bolero is also closely associated with the dance of the same name, which has the size of a measure of three to four. The same proportion is mainly characteristic for small overcoats on the shoulders. Modern fashion designers made the jacket truly popular. From the general image of the old bolero remained only the length, and the variety of models amaze imagination: knitted and knitted, sewn from cotton or denim fabric, with short sleeves and without them, resembling a waistcoat or collar in shape. Choose a favorite style with a variety of finishes is not difficult. At the same time, performing bolero for girls with knitting needles, it is very appropriate to use lace drawings, decoration with ruffles, ribbons, beads. We offer for work a romantic model for small women of fashion in the form of a small cape on the shoulders.

How to bind bolero for girls with knitting needles

At first it is desirable to make a pattern of the product,in the process of knitting, take into account the necessary expansion and width of the fabric. Read the approximate description of knitting bolero knitting. Schemes for work is not required, since the main thing is to understand the principle of knitting. Adding the necessary number of loops and rows, you will get a product of a larger size. If you want to get a couple of descending caps from the shoulders, knit the maximum number of loops of the proposed description. With a minimal calculation, your bolero will look more like an openwork collar.

bolero with knitting needles

For manufacturing, yarns of 100-150 grams, knitting needles 2.5.

  1. Type 15 spokes on the spokes and tie 2 rows of garter stitch.
  2. Then knitting is divided into three parts:

- 1 part of the neck - 5-10 loops, somewhat tightened due to the fact that every 2 rows it will not be tied. It is tied with garter stitch.

- 2 part, consisting of 5-10 loops, is knit, alternating in 4-6 rows with face loops, then purl. Due to this, the "harmonica" effect is obtained.

- 3 part - openwork edge, consists of 5-10 loops. By means of knitting and loosening of loops, the "denticles" are obtained. Also, thanks to the increase of the loops, the necessary expansion takes place, due to which the bolero acquires the shape of a "semicircle".

Bolero openwork bolero

3. Do the fitting in the course of work, finish knitting symmetrically to the beginning. If desired, doing this bolero for the girl, you can use the knitting needles to sew the shuttlecock and sew it on the bottom, or you can decorate it with a lace, passing it into 1 part of the knitting. A beautiful brooch will also be very handy.

Did not it turn out to be original? Fantasize and please the little fashionista with new stylish things.