/ Knitting with knitting needles is the best option for purchasing a new sweater!

Knitting with needles is the best option for buying a new sweater!

There is a mass of fascinating hobbies, and one ofthe most popular is knitting. Knitwear is now at the peak of popularity, and in this regard, the typical image of a knitter has undergone drastic changes: now it's not a grandmother knitting his grandchildren's socks, but a young woman who knits not only to quickly and inexpensively replenish her wardrobe with topical and stylish items, but also relax after a hard day's work. The choice of yarn and spokes in stores is truly huge, and their quality has recently grown very much, so homemade things do not seem like a creepy shrub and have an extravagant and sometimes very respectable look. The quality of modern yarn allows even not very experienced needlewomen to receive beautiful exclusive novelties for their wardrobe.

The most popular are knitting sweaterswhose spokes - albeit a long enough, but fascinating process. In fact, he is long only at first, and as skill grows, it is significantly reduced. Of course, knitting a man's sweater takes much more time than a woman's sweater, and it takes up to two times more yarn for it, but this is one of the best ways to show love and care. If you take sweaters, women's knitting with knitting needles of such sweaters becomes for many a favorite way to fill their leisure: an infinite variety of models allows you to choose any one according to your skill level, and a variety of knitting techniques will not let you get bored during knitting.

Especially popular among beginner needlewomenchildren's knit knit sweaters take literally a few days, and the savings are significant: children's clothes sometimes cost as many adults as they can get a new beautiful inexpensive item, moreover, from the yarn that is necessary, for example, if the child has an allergy.

In order to quickly get qualitysweater knitting need to be already at a confident level, otherwise it can take a long time. Learn is based on simpler products, for example, scarves or ponchos, where there are few composite elements and a simple form. Knitting is recommended to start with a gear or backrest, having previously calculated the number of loops, even if it is in the description of the model: the knitting density of different people differs, and the values ​​given in the description are rather indicative. The same applies to the number of spokes: if you knit more tightly, it makes sense to take the knitting needles slightly more, and vice versa. In general, first it is necessary to connect with your knitting needles and your hands a small sample and count the number of loops in 10 centimeters - this will show how many loops you need to dial for your product size. The same with the length: the number of rows should also be determined based on the data received from the sample, otherwise the size of the finished product can be surprisingly great.

The assembly of the finished product is carried out after,how all the details will be washed and ironed, so that they take the final dimensions and outlines. The exception is the throat: sometimes the model assumes that it is loosened after assembly with circular knitting needles. It is recommended to combine the details of the sweater with the same threads, of which it is connected, but many prefer to take the usual appropriate shade. I must say, this option has the right to exist, especially in the case of wool yarn: seams made of synthetic threads will make the product more durable, while seams made of wool threads may not withstand stretching.

If an obligatory part of your wardrobeknitting sweaters are skills that you can not do without. This hobby will allow you to regularly replenish your collection with new things practically insensitive to your budget, and satisfaction from the excellent result of your work is the best way to save on psychoanalysts.