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Universal coat pattern

In order for the pattern of the coat to be correctparameters and corresponded to the figure of his future owner, it is important to clearly measure all the values. Begin with the volume of the neck, chest, waist and hips. Then the height of the chest, back and shoulder is measured. It is important to correctly measure the length of the sleeve, as well as the main product, and record all the data.

Coat pattern
The basic pattern is based on paper and most oftenhas clear straight lines. If you sew a coat, based only on this material, then it is unlikely to have an attractive appearance. That is why it is necessary to invent in advance the image of this product, the features of its cut, that is, in a word, to develop a style.

If you are a beginner dressmaker, it is desirablestart with simple models. A pattern of a coat of a free cut or a poncho, where there are no stitched seams, darts and a separate sleeve, will do. Typically, these types of clothing consist of such details as the front and back shelves, to which are attached parts of a one-piece sleeve and collar. Despite the fact that the coat is sewn extremely simply and quickly, it looks stunning. Such styles were very relevant in the 80s, and now, when fashion returns, they again gained popularity among women all over the world. It is worth noting that if you sew a demi-season model of this plan, then the sleeves can be replaced with simple apertures, thereby giving the product an eccentricity. So it turns out an excellent combination of styles - a poncho and an autumn wardrobe thing.

If the pattern of the coat assumes that the shape of the future product will be tightened, then it must be taken into account that all seams (and there are a lot of them in such a model) must be flawless.

Pattern of children's coats
Also, you should properly combine the fabric,Considering that on each element of the workpiece the share thread must be directed to the same side. Otherwise, the shelves of the finished product will have a distorted and drawn appearance, and the work done will lose its meaning.

To sew easily and quickly you can wear outerwearbaby-dollar, which is ideal for an adult woman and a child. The pattern of a child's coat is simpler and more understandable, there are a minimum number of darts in it, but this is compensated, perhaps, by a multitude of overhead elements - pockets, hoods and so on. To make such a model it is desirable to use a bright material or decorate the finished product with creative buttons and sewn elements.

Relative simplicity and accessibility is also different from the pattern of a man's coat.
The style of such a product does not have to bepritavlennym, have darts and other complex elements of cut. However, there are certain requirements that men's outerwear should match - a clear line of shoulders, an even collar and minimalism in all the accessories. The coat can be decorated with patch pockets, but they should be made of the same material as the main product, and have strict shapes.

Pattern of a man's coat

Any pattern of the coat is built on the basis of the individual parameters of the future owner, that's why the outerwear, made by own hands or to order, always has an impeccable look.