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How to sew a tunic, a tunic for a full tunic

Often fashion is so democratic that evenhigh fashion shows you can see a simple style of loose cut that will easily fit as a model of clothes for fat women. Very often, the most fashionable dresses are a prototype of a tunic known since ancient times. This form of clothing was widely distributed in ancient Greece and Rome. Pattern tunic for fat and lean women of that time was a kind of bag with slots for the hands and head. Tunics were worn by men and women, women were distinguished only by patterns and ornaments.

Pattern tunic for complete

Tunic - practical and comfortable clothes

To this day only women's tunics have survived, and thisreally very practical and comfortable form of clothing. Such a thing can be worn like a hoodie or, wearing an elegant girdle, turn it into an interesting dress, it can be worn with leggings and jeans or as a beach dress. The main pattern of tunics for full and slender girls differs only in width, but depending on the imagination of the needlewoman, such a thing can easily become a highlight of the wardrobe. This simple clothing baggy form acquires a silhouette thanks to a belt, which can be tied at both the waist and under the chest. And the basic pattern can be flared, done with a short sleeve or completely without them and, of course, change the length, making it either a short blouse or an elegant dress.

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How to build the foundation

Pattern tunic for full ladies, as well as forthin, it is constructed very easily. For this you need measurements of the chest, thighs and hands. We measure the coverage of the chest and thighs and add 10 cm to the larger size for the seams and free fit. Next, we measure the upper part of the arm, the sleeve must be free: for a standard figure that is not different from the fullness of the hands, it will be 25 cm wide, but if the hands are full, the width should be increased and the arm volume added about 10 cm.

A pattern of tunic for full women is built directly on the fabric, which is folded in half, and marks are placed on it:

  • The first mark is the width of the canvas or half of the first measure with an addition. If the thigh is 100 cm + 10 cm increment, a value of 55 cm is obtained, this segment should be placed in the middle of the fold of the canvas.
  • The second mark is the length of the product, we measure the length we need, add a couple of centimeters to the processing of the bottom of the product and note this value on the fabric.
  • The third mark is the height of the armhole. Mark 25 cm or the resulting value from the fold of the fabric down from the point of width of the fabric.
  • The fourth mark is the width of the neck, which can be round, V-shaped, square or in the shape of a boat.

The final stage of building patterns -design line sleeves. Make it a smooth cut, passing from the width line of the canvas through the point of the height of the armhole and to the edge of the fabric. At this stage, you can flap the sleeve and the bottom of the tunic, or completely remove the sleeve, so that a simple sarafan pattern for the full will come out, which can then be attached with a rubber band under the breast, and at the bottom add a few flips.

a sarafan pattern for full

The construction of such a pattern is so simple thatwith him not only the novice will cope, but also the person who never took up sewing at all. And adding an interesting decor to the finished product, you will get a stylish and elegant thing.