/ Knitting crocheted scarves. Beautiful accessories from the remains of yarn

Knitting crocheted scarves. Beautiful accessories from the remains of yarn

To connect a beautiful and fashionable scarf can be like knitting needles,and crochet. A variety of models of this need an accessory for walking down the street and just to decorate the outfit there is a huge amount. To tie a scarf is easy and fast. To do this, you do not have to be able to knit well, on the contrary, knitting a scarf will help the inexperienced master to acquire the necessary skills and master various patterns - openwork and relief. Crocheting crocheted scarves is a special kind of creativity that opens up almost limitless possibilities for creative experimentation. And, of course, the possibilities of the hook when creating exclusive things, subject only to him, you need to use at 100%.

The methods by which knitting crocheted scarvesturns into a bright creative experiment to create a real art object, a lot. Consider the simplest of them, mastering which, you can perform more complex fantasy work.

Knitting scarves from crocheted yarns

1. The first scarf is knit from individual multi-colored squares, made with an openwork pattern. Squares, as they are knitted, are joined together in a multicolored ribbon-like cloth, 2 squares wide and 15 squares long (30 in all). Each square is about 20x20 cm in size. Knitting patterns for openwork squares can easily be found on the Internet. Any scheme - for a tablecloth, napkins, bedspreads will do. We knit five colors of wool, not more. You can take, for example, white, black, blue, blue and gray; either light and dark brown, light beige, black and brick. There can be a lot of options here. Beautifully it turns out a combination of both contrasting colors and colors of a close spectrum. At the end of the work, the scarf must be decorated with long brushes made of multi-colored yarn, collecting one thread of each color in a brush.

2. The second scarf will also be knit from individual motifs in the form of small multi-colored flowers, assembled into a single canvas. This is a very good way to use the remains of a multi-colored mohair. Knitting scarves from mohair is the creation of warm and fluffy patterns, and small crocheted flowers made from mohair yarn are especially bulging and bulky. To unfasten one flower, make a chain of three air loops, close it in a ring and tie a row of 6 columns without a crochet with an intermediate air loop. In the next row we sew two air loops, a lavish column of 3 columns with a crochet in a column without a cusch of the previous row, 2 air loops, a stump without a crochet under the air loop of the previous row and so on to the end. Ready-made flowers are connected with each other, depending on the length and width of the scarf.

3. A very interesting way to create a scarf from the remains of yarn in the form of a chain. The original model of this scarf will enjoy an incredible success among others and will become an ornament of the top attire, as well as a business suit, a one-color pullover and even a light shirt shirt. Crocheting scarves in this way is very easy and fast. First we knit the first ring. To do this, we measure the thread, fold it in half and twist a ring about 10 cm in diameter from the thread. Without tearing the thread from the tangle, we tie the received ring with the pillars without the crochet very tightly to each other. The next two rows are also knitted with columns without a crochet. It is necessary to make sure that the ring is flat, for this, we add columns as needed in the rows. We also knit the second ring, but we thread the thread, before closing it in the ring, through the opening of the first ring, and we knit the second ring already inserted into the first ring. So, we repeat knitting to the necessary length of the scarf. The combination of color rings can be very different, but, of course, color dissonance should be avoided. If you want to tie a wider scarf, say, two or three rings wide, then each ring in the second and third row will already need to pass through one side and one lower ring.

By all the described methods of fuzzy yarnbright bright colors it is easy to tie a scarf to a child. Knitting crocheted scarves for children is also a very entertaining form of creativity. After all, with this knitting tool you can create not only colorful flowers, but also a funny little beast's face, different colored stripes, circles and squares.