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A children's suit of nested dolls for a holiday is the brightest and beautiful outfit

A matryoshka is a toy that anyRussian child from infancy. Often this image is offered for the costumes of girls on various matinees and holidays. To make a matrioshka costume, parents can be offered by kindergarten teachers, however, no one forbids to choose this attire for a costume event at their own will.

Sarafan - the basis of the suit

Matryoshka costume
Consider folk toys - if you digress fromthe shape of a nested doll, you can see that all these girls are wearing bright sarafans and handkerchiefs. But where to get the right outfit? If you already have a sundress in the Russian folk style, for example, you stayed with another costume, you can use it. You can make a matryoshka costume yourself from any colorful summer dress without sleeves. Option for real needlewomen - sew a sundress specially for the holiday of motley cloth or decorate it with floral applique. Remember the main rule - the top of the outfit should be tailored so that under it you can put on a thin blouse. From the chest or waist, the sarafan should expand, and its hem should be much wider than the top and middle. On the bottom edge of the product, you can make an assembly by sewing the oblique bake. Thus you will achieve the effect of "paunchiness" and a narrower "base" of the toy.

What other clothes are useful for a fancy dress?

For the image of a nesting doll you will need the same whiteblouse. Well, if she has wide sleeves, flashlights. In fact, a suit of nesting dolls consists precisely of a sarafan in a folk style and a blouse under it. Shoes can be chosen any, it is desirable that it is combined with the dress. Depending on the time of year and the temperature in the room, tights and stockings are selected - conventional monochrome ones are suitable. If matinee very soon, and you do not have a suitable sundress, you can replace it with a magnificent colorful skirt and blouse.

And on his head - a handkerchief!

The matryoshka costume with your own hands
If you make a matryoshka suit with your own hands, do notforget to pick up a hat. It will be enough to tie a bright kerchief on the girl's head. Accordingly, we tie it, "like a grandmother" - folded into a triangle and connecting the long ends under the chin. If the performer has the role of dolls long hair, braid the braid and freely release it from under the scarf. To complement the image can be a make-up - draw a blush on the cheeks-as bright as a toy, and the correct round shape, you can emphasize the eyes and lips. The matryoshka costume will suit every girl, this is a beautiful, truly Russian kind image, which causes extremely positive emotions.