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Kusudama for beginners - learn about Japanese culture

Since ancient times origami has occupied a very important place inJapanese culture. It was not just a kind of needlework, because it is associated with many different beliefs and legends. In ancient times it was believed that figures made with origami can create a positive atmosphere in the house, protect from quarrels, quarrels and diseases. To learn this technique is not difficult - you need to create several crafts yourself, such as, for example, Kusudama for beginners.

kusudama for beginners
It is for sure not known whether such people are truthfuljudgments about the miraculous properties of origami. Surely we only know one thing - today it is an amazing technique of needlework, which helps decorate the interior with fabulous products. Let's begin the study of origami with the production of one of the most spectacular handicrafts - Kusudam. This three-dimensional shape is a construction created from six identical modules. Kusudama for beginners is the same figure that is simultaneously not difficult to make and allows from the first folds of the leaf to penetrate into the magical world of origami, where a regular piece of paper turns into a real work of art.

Let's figure out how to make kusudama. To create it, you need six square sheets of paper of the same size and density. By the way, the colors of the paper can be different. This will give the product a festive look and elegance. However, you can choose shades for the interior, if you make the crafts as an ornament, and not just to master the technique of origami.

how to make kusudamu
So, take the first sheet of paper. Fold it diagonally, horizontally and vertically, and then return to its original position. Bend lines will help in the future without effort to take the necessary steps. Kusudama for beginners should not be too complicated, so that the author of the product can quickly get the result. After all the fold lines are ready, collect the adjacent sides of the sheet together, after which they should converge in the center. Then we "open" the resulting "rays" to the shape of the squares. To do this, simply "flatten" them on the bottom. The next step is to bend the movable corners of the squares upward and
Kusudam modules
"Press" the sides to the center linethis element of the craft. The manufacturing of the first module is almost complete. If you turn the figure upside down, you will see that the bottom of the piece is a square. Its angles must be bent downward as much as possible, so that the modules are more convenient to glue together. By the same principle, we make the remaining five constituent parts of the craft.

As you can see, the Kusudam modules do not reallycomplicated. It remains only to connect them. For this you will need glue. We weighed them with the angled corners and fastened them with a pyramid. Accordingly, there will be one detail on top, two under it, and three below. We glue the top of the pyramid with the central figure of its base, and then connect the sides of this structure.

So, now our product is ready, and you know that Kusudama for beginners is not only beautiful, but also easy to create a work of art.