/ Where to sell coins? Valuable and rare coins. Coin purchase

Where to sell coins? Valuable and rare coins. Coin purchase

Coins of the USSR and Russia are found in the piggy banks of eachresident of our country. Someone collected money as a child of any dignity, someone just saved it for a cherished dream, someone collected it on a chosen, for example, Olympic theme. Now this "wealth" is the time to realize.

Do not lose when selling

Not only beginners in the numismatics business, but also collectors find out where to sell the coins. You can do this in several ways: through a pawnshop, through a bank, at an auction, through resellers.

where to sell coins

Sale through pawnshop - option for acceleratedimplementation. They operate with a different set of services. Some institutions accept coins as collateral, as a separate category of valuables. Other lending institutions will accept, without the goal, return and repurchase of collateral in the form of scrap or jewelry, depending on the state of the coin.

Selling through banks has its difficulties. They accept values ​​in perfect condition, preferably in a bank package. Experts check the authenticity of the coin and its trade status. If the inspected copy was only taken out of the package, then the bank will reduce the purchase price by 3%. In the presence of external damage in the form of stains, scratches, chips, breaking the form of the offer to buy the bank will reject.

Remember also that there is a price gap in sales and purchase transactions. There is a high probability that in a short period of time (month, year), the purchase price by the bank will not exceed the selling price of the bank.

Coins trading auctions are organized on the networkThe Internet. The company that organizes the auction is an intermediary and earns on commission fees. The intermediary is interested in the product being sold at the maximum price. In order not to become the owner of high quality forgery, choose an auction with the presence of high-level specialists having a successful sales and purchase experience. Convenience of the auction on the Internet is that you do not need to spend your energy searching for a real buyer and risk the safety of material values.

Where to sell coins - the choice of the seller of valuable things.

Track the time from purchase to the momentsale. The income from the transaction is subject to personal income tax at a rate of 13%. But if you have a valuable monetary unit for more than three years, the seller is exempt from paying personal income tax and from filing a declaration. If the time of ownership is less than three years, but the amount of income on sales transactions is not more than 250 thousand rubles, or the sale price is lower than the purchase price, the tax is also not paid, but there remains the obligation to file a declaration and the right to demand a tax deduction. The evasion of filing a declaration entails a fine of one thousand rubles.

Trekking in an antique store

The term "buying up coins" is of everyday use. The correct name for the operation is "purchase." Coins are bought by antique shops, collectors, second-hand dealers, orienting themselves in the prices and volumes of goods on the market.

Second-hand dealers are intermediaries between the seller andfinal buyer, interested in earning in the form of margin. The purpose of a reseller is to buy cheap and sell expensive. A common offer from resellers is a quarter, sometimes a third of the real price.

Antique shops buy only rare things,thus insuring against over-saturation. With whom the transaction is planned, the seller is obliged to familiarize himself with the operating catalogs in order to reduce the risk of lost profits from the sale at a price lower than the catalog price.

The purchase of coins can not be mass. Numismatics operates with rare specimens.

Coins from the piggy bank

The question "where you can sell coins of the USSR" has several answers.

Soviet metal money accepts pawnshops, antique shops, specialized shops and, of course, collectors.

Before you peck at the ad "buy a coin of the USSR", study the market.

where you can sell coins ussr

Know the language of the target audience. Understand the terminology.

To study the demand for your coins, create an anonymous auction.

After acquaintance with the terms of the buyers, choose where to sell the coins with the benefit.

The most expensive coins of the USSR were issued in circulationin 1947. Now their price is not less than 10 thousand US dollars. The cheap metal money of 1958. Vendors ask for them at least 70 thousand rubles. It is difficult to find a buyer for such values, but the profit will justify the costs of searching.

We take only our own and clean

Who buys coins? Monetary products from precious metals of its own production are bought by Sberbank.

Watch for bank ads on the site - sometimes he announces the purchase of simple coins issued in a small series or having distinctive features from the main series.

who buys coins

One-off shares of buying Russian metal moneyhold and other banks. More often they are declared for the purchase of the product of the St. Petersburg Mint. Coins of SPMD for money circulation were issued in small print runs, therefore their value is high. The cost of one currency unit ranges from 150 to 254 thousand rubles.

Attach valuable coins of Russia

When the time comes to take advantage of the return on investment, study the market of buyers. There are several ways to solve the problem of where to sell valuable coins of Russia.

Investment coins of Russia from gold, platinum and silver buy pawnshops and banks. Appraisers work in the bank staff.

where to sell valuable coins of Russia

The base coins of modern Russia, issued in small circulation at the St. Petersburg Mint and in cash, are sold at auction.

Let's consider in detail monetary unit worth10 rubles of the year of issue. Manufactured at the St. Petersburg Mint. The sign of the SPMD is located on the obverse under the eagle's foot. The value was released in 13 copies. The purpose of the issue is to check new stamps. SPMD issues only commemorative coins, so the usual 10 rubles of the plant's output from St. Petersburg is a rarity.

Common mistakes in the sale and purchase of coins

1. Beginners try to buy a lot in the hope of selling expensive and quickly get rich. But investing in metal money is a long-term operation. Do not plan in numismatics earning income in a short time. Waiting for a suitable sale price lasts for years. Financiers advise buying coins for no more than 5% of free funds. And do not take loans to buy.

2. The principle of buying "the more - the better" - an erroneous strategy. Decide on the subject of the future collection: coins of one country, era or theme. Strive to become a competent collector and an expert in the chosen direction of numismatics.

coin purchase

3. Greed and amateur naivety are not helpers when collecting a collection. Carefully study the information on the coin of interest. When buying rarities, invite an expert in the field of numismatics. Do not buy valuable products in random places, even if you declare the value below the catalog. According to numismatists, 50% of coins on the market are fakes. When you sell later, and do not get rich, and spent will not return. Where to sell coins with a profit, decide the seller. But fix the transaction on paper for reliability and risk reduction.

4. Numismatic values ​​are subject to theft not less than other items made of precious metals. Examine the coin parameters before buying. Buy collection items only from trusted sellers with a proven reputation.