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We learn knitting with knitting needles for a newborn

Every grandmother or even mother considers hera debt to tie something up for a baby. Sometimes without thinking about the difficulties it is facing and how to solve the problems that arise. And anyway, what they need for knitting. All the nuances of these issues will be discussed in detail in our article.

Choose the right materials

Knitting needles for a newborn
The most important thing that you will need is a spokes forknitting and yarn. They must be selected in accordance with each other. Those. The spokes should be of suitable diameter in relation to the thickness of the yarn. Also, they must be new, without rust or any defects. On this depends the comfort and accuracy of the future things. Yarn should be selected only hypoallergenic and persistently colored, such as "Acrylic", "Baby-whit", etc. These yarns are designed directly for knitting children's clothing. They do not cause allergies and other skin diseases. And yarn, consisting of 100% cotton, is simply indispensable in the summer season. It allows you to breathe skin and reduces the incidence of diaper rash, in addition, it refers to environmentally friendly products. Yes, and knitting itself with knitting needles for a newborn will bring you only positive emotions. And if you suffer from allergies, then this yarn is not dangerous for you.

We choose the schemes for knitting the product

knitting for newborns
The very first moment that you must take into account,is the choice of a suitable circuit for knitting. It should be understandable and intelligible for you. If you already have questions at first sight, better select another one. This will reduce the time you spend on the product. Remember that knitting with needles for a newborn is always a painstaking and long work. No item is too fast to match. Therefore, before the work evaluate your strength and time, which you have. If you need to prepare a gift for a certain date, then choose products easier. To such clothes it is possible to carry all kinds of kerchiefs, hats, booties and some models of blouses. For example, the easiest knitting pattern for a newborn will take you 3-4 days, and a scarf - only 1-2 days (maximum). Elementary models of pinets are generally knit for 1 day.

How to start knitting for newborns

knitting pattern for newborn
You have chosen the right model, and where to start, notyou know? Then let's look at everything in order. Knitting needles for a newborn should start with determining the true size of the future product. To do this, you need to measure the baby and record the result. Then take the yarn and dial the desired number of loops by 10 cm. Begin to tie the rows. At an altitude of 10 cm, stop the work. Calculate how many loops you will need to complete the product and how many rows are needed. Then you can safely embark on knitting.

Finishing Knitting

Knitting needles for a newborn alwaysends with closing the loops at the desired height of the product. Then everything needed is sewn with the help of a needle and the same yarn from which the clothing was tied. All work is done from the wrong side, and the thread is fixed with an invisible knot. After we erase a thing and dry it well. If necessary, stretch to get a larger size and alignment pattern. Dry with a cotton towel. Also, the product is ironed, if necessary. And now you can give it to a newborn.