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Pattern of slippers with your own hands made of fur: a master class cut

Slippers from fur not only look beautiful, but alsoperfectly warm your feet in the cold season. Especially they like children, which sometimes just can not be forced to walk around the house in the room shoes. Soft beautiful sneakers can be bought or made with your own hands. The pattern of slippers with your own hands made of fur is not very difficult and even novice needlewomen can.

Patterned slippers with your own hands made of fur

What will the slippers be?

Before you start making furslippers, you need to decide how they will look. The easiest way is to design ordinary slippers. Material for this will take a little, and the pattern of slippers with his own hands of fur in this case is easy.

You can also make slippers with backs or withan elongated shaft. In such products, even in the winter, the feet will be comfortable and warm. However, in this case, the patterning of slippers with their own hands made of fur will require diligence and patience, and the material will need a little more.

Auxiliary materials

To make a pattern, you need to have on handsuitable tools and material from which the products will be sewn. It will take cardboard to make patterns. Also you need to prepare a pencil, scissors, chalk, needles and threads in advance. Often, the design of slippers with their own hands of fur is built on the basis of the measurements, so you will need a tailor's meter to work.

Pattern of slippers from fur with own hands

Flip-flops of fur

After preliminary preparation, you canbegin to build a pattern. Flip-flops consist of only two parts, so you can design them in a couple of hours. If you build a pattern of fur slippers with your own hand, it's hard to guess with the sizes, so it's better to act on a long-proven scheme. The master class will help to cope with this work:

  • you have to put your foot on the cardboard and draw a pencil around it;
  • to the resulting pattern should be added 2 cm along the entire circumference;
  • To the top of the foot a leaf is applied so that it passes from the fingers to the ascent;
  • in the place of contact with the floor, the sheet is surrounded by a pencil;
  • to the drawing in the places where the part will be attached to the sole, add 2 cm;
  • details are cut out and copied, so that for the left and right slippers had their own patterns.

When will be made a pattern of slippers from furwith your own hands, you can proceed to further work. The resulting drawings should be laid out on the material, depict and cut out the details. Since each part is divided into internal and external, then for sewing one slipper you need 4 pieces: 2 - for the sole and the same for the top.

Pattern of slippers made of fur

To slippers were warmer, you can in the solemake an insert from the batting. It is better to cut it for a couple of millimeters less around the whole circumference, then after joining the parts it will be hidden, and the products will turn out to be beautiful and neat. The outer part of the sole is best cut out of synthetic or natural leather, which will increase the wear resistance of shoes.

The final step is the joining of the parts. It is necessary first to fix the sole and top of the products with pins, to stitch the joints and make the edge trim.

Pattern of slippers with a back

Products with backs are designed for the samea scheme that slippers, but still need to add a back piece. Pattern of this part can be done in a similar way, attaching a leaf to the foot, and outline, given the height of the back.

It's easy to make a detail pattern by making measurements. To do this, you need to measure the stop:

  • put the beginning of the meter to the inside of the foot at the very bottom to the place where the upper part of the slipper will pass;
  • clasp the back of the foot with a meter;
  • fix the length from the outside of the foot where the top of the article passes.

a pattern of slippers made of fur with sizes

The height of the back should not be more than 7 cm, thenslippers will be comfortable. Using the received sizes, it is necessary to draw a detail on the cardboard, not forgetting to make an increase on the seams. The resulting pattern is applied to the material, the details are drawn and cut out. First, the upper parts are sewn and then attached to the sole. For one slipper with a back cut 6 parts (with a heater for the sole they will be 7).

Pattern of slippers made of fur with an elongated shaft

Pattern of slippers-boots made of fur to do a littlemore difficult. The soles of the sole are created in the manner described above. After that, on the received part, it is necessary to mark the center of the heel and measure the leg along the entire circumference. On paper, a rectangle of the previously obtained length and an arbitrary width (up to 7 cm) is drawn. This will be the side of the slipper. The length of the foot is measured before lifting, and the measurement obtained is indicated on the sole, starting from the center of the sock. A line is drawn along the width of the sole. On this line the detail is bent and transferred to the material: this will be the upper part of the slipper.

a full-size fur design

Using curves to cut out the details of the futureproducts. The top is first connected to the side part, and its length along the upper circumference is measured. This measure is necessary to calculate the width of the shaft, the length of which is taken arbitrarily. All dimensions are transferred to paper, and a rectangle is drawn. It will be an elongated top slipper-boot. The shank is attached to the previously made top, which is sewn to the sole. In the end, the back seam is traced. When constructing patterns, do not forget about the allowances for seams. For fur products it is best to make them at least 2 cm.


Making a pattern of slippers from the fur with their own handseasily. If nevertheless there were difficulties, or there is no desire to fiddle with measurements, it is possible to find patterns in various magazines. But there is an important point that should be remembered: the design of slippers made of fur in full size will make it possible to sew the most suitable products for the size. Making a room shoes with your own hands, you do not have to spend money on its purchase. After all, you can give a second life to a fur coat or a sheepskin coat, which has long been gathering dust in the closet.