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Hat for girls with knitting needles: sketches and description for beginners

Knitting lessons for most girls do not passfor nothing. For some, this kind of needlework becomes a favorite occupation for a lifetime, while others remember it when their children already have their first knitting skills.

Manual knitting: pro and contra

Until recently, knitted handmade remainedpopular in the far province. This is due to a number of reasons: the availability of cheap and affordable wool, free time in the winter evenings. But the main reason, of course, is the tradition of knitting, which has survived to the present day in the villages. Grandmothers constantly created warm scarves for boys, knitted hats for girls with knitting needles. Description, the schemes are often born directly in the process of this action. Therefore, the resulting models differed markedly from magazine copies. Now everything has changed. Hand-made products are in great demand.

A variety of color solutions and texturedcombinations and the simultaneous simplicity of decorating quite often and will encourage a woman to an experiment called "knitted hat for girls with knitting needles." Schemas and descriptions are available in printed publications and the World Wide Web.

cap for girls with knitting needles and description

Search model

It all starts with a fancy hats,unusual socks or multicolored gloves. Beginners want to connect everything and quickly. Here you should moderate your creative impulse and start small. Let the model be succinct, if it is, for example, a knitted cap for a girl with knitting needles. Schemes and descriptions should be as simple and straightforward as possible. Such a sober approach will make it possible to finish the business. After all, sometimes a complex pattern is difficult to perform for "dummies." Spent time and nerves in search of the correct execution of the ornament can lead to the fact that knitting is once again put aside until better times. In needlework, as in any case, it is better to start with the basics, patiently acquiring and improving skills. And then you can not rule out a personal masterpiece, for example, a knitted hat for the girl with knitting needles, the patterns and description of which will be original and unique.

knitted hats for girls

Selection of knitting needles

Which spokes to choose, if in a fashion magazinefound the right knitted hat for girls with knitting needles? Schemas and descriptions, as a rule, contain information about the necessary tools. For experienced masters deciphering this information does not take long, for beginners - a small problem. Let's look at the kinds of spokes. They are straight and circular. Straight needles have stops at the ends. They knit with scarves, sweaters, hats, mittens. Feature of finished products obtained with their use is the presence of a seam. Circular knitting needles are connected together by a line or other flexible material. Their advantage lies in the fact that they can knit in a circle, and then the output will be a seamless product. In the absence of straight spokes circular can be used as straight, but on the contrary it will not work. There are so-called stocking knitting needles, they are bundled with 5 pieces, and they are knitted most often with seamless hosiery and hosiery. The numbers of the spokes are directly proportional to their thickness and the chosen yarn.

Purchase of yarn

It is necessary to purchase quality material,to get a good knitted winter hat for girls with knitting needles. The description, scheme, consumption and quality of the yarn can be found in the specialized literature, but sometimes you have to deviate from the proposed parameters. What if the child is allergic to angora, and is this type of yarn recommended in the description? Do not be upset. You can choose a safe analog, using your own knowledge and advice of experienced needlewomen.

It is believed that pure wool or down is the mostA good choice for knitting of children's gloves and gloves. In practice, it turned out that mixed yarn (wool, acrylic) is better suited for these products. Synthetic additives have a water repellent property. That is why the mittens from the combined yarn remain dry longer than from natural wool. The main thing is to monitor the percentage of raw materials, which is always indicated on the package.

winter hat for girls with knitting needles description circuit

Simple scheme

So, if yarn and tools are purchased,there is a clear idea of ​​the back and front hinges, then you can start. That's how an elementary knitted hat for girls is made with knitting needles. Schemes and descriptions may vary by size. And in general, a fashionable hat-stocking is extremely simple. We collect the necessary even number of loops on straight spokes, we add two more - for sewing. We knit on the pattern of a simple gum: a purl loop in the purl series and an obverse loop in the front row. The height of the cap depends on your preferences. In the process of work, you need to try on the product to make the necessary adjustments. When the length becomes sufficient, you need to tighten the top of the cap and sew the side seam. Here is a warm hat for the girl knitting. The description-scheme can contain information about the manufacture of the pompon, but without it the hat-stocking is incredibly attractive.

], warm hat for girls with knitting needles description circuit

The advantage of knitting is that anyThe error can be corrected by dissolving part of the product and connecting it again. In sewing such a plus there. Train, fantasize and share your experiences with your friends. They will be interested to know how the hat for girls knits together. Schemes and descriptions you can give them both standard and personal authorship.