/ / Stylish waistcoat-transformer with knitting needles. Schemes and description

Stylish waistcoat-transformer with knitting needles. Schemes and description

Increasingly, in stores and fashion magazines, you cansee the word "transformer". Transformer can be a dress that has many variations of wearing, trousers, trousers, scarf-tube, turning into a bolero, or a vest. Such things are original and multifunctional. But such clothes can not only be purchased in stores, but also made with their own hands, for example, knit. Let's consider in more detail how to tie a waistcoat-transformer with knitting needles (schemes and description are attached).

waistcoat transformer with knitting needles and description

How to wear?

Why is this waistcoat called a transformer? The fact is that in addition to the habitual waistcoat, this thing can be worn in a variety of ways. For example, like a scarf-bactus, draped around his neck, or like a shawl, throwing on his shoulders.

Vest-transformer (you can see his photo in the article) will look great in several variants of wearing:

  • Like a regular elongated asymmetrical waistcoat, without fastening, with streaming sides.
  • As a short sleeveless shirt, if you tightly wrap the edges around the waist and tie a knot.
  • As an elongated sleeveless shirt, if you fix one edge on the opposite shoulder and stab with a brooch.

If the model is executed in two colors, the product can be draped around the face in different shades.

scarf vest transformer with knitting needles and description

Selection of yarn and tools

What kind of yarn to tie a transformer vest with knitting needles? Schemes and descriptions usually recommend a certain yarn for each particular model, but in fact you can safely experiment.

For a winter product, thickwoolen yarn. It is very warm, the thing will look stylish, but then the edges of the waistcoat will not flow as if the product were made of thinner yarn. Although there is a way out of this situation: if you prefer volumetric yarn, choose spokes one or two sizes larger than recommended, then the vest-transformer will be not only warm, but soft and airy.

For a stylish accessory for the spring and early autumnsuitable for thin woolen or denser cotton yarn. Very beautiful will look like a thread with lurex or small pate. The product can be associated with an openwork pattern, then it can be worn in the summer.

Selecting a picture

Such a complex and original thing as a waistcoat-transformer, knitted, not necessarily overloaded with a complex pattern:

  1. For a thick volumetric yarn, especially if it is melange, a smooth smooth surface is perfect - this is when in each row all the hinges are knitted with facial.
  2. Also, a simple pearl knit looks beautiful. In the first row, alternate one facial and one purl loop, and in the second, each crochet with the wrong side, and vice versa.

These patterns are good because they are two-sided, therefore, no matter how you tie a vest-transformer, it will look neat.

If the simple monotonous knitting is for you,then you can decorate the product with braids, arans or lace. The image shows a simple but interesting pattern with interlacing. The rapport of the pattern is seven loops and twenty-seven rows.

vest transformer photo

Pattern and description

Consider how to tie a scarf-vest (transformer)knitting needles (the diagrams and descriptions will follow). For work, yarn of sectional dyeing, consisting of wool, mohair and acrylic or polyester (about 400 grams per size 36-42) is suitable. Spokes choose those that are recommended by the yarn manufacturer.

A knitted waistcoat-transformer with knitting needles (patterns and description, as well as a pattern confirm this) is a triangle with slits-armholes in the middle.

waistcoat transformer with knitting needles

  1. Let's start with a set of seven loops.
  2. Next, knit five rows of garter stitch.
  3. From the sixth row begin to add one loop on both sides in every second row. You can tie the whole product with garter stitch or alternate it with the front or pearl smooth.
  4. Additions can be made from a broach or by untying two of the edge loops (one behind the back wall, the other at the front).
  5. After 90 cm from the beginning of work,for the armhole. Divide the canvas in half, after 16 cm from the middle, close a few stitches for the armhole and continue to knit in the opposite direction, not forgetting about adding one side of the product. After you tie the middle part, and then the third part. Using a height armhole, again work on one sheet. After 20-30 cm, close the hinges.

Stylish knitted waistcoat-transformer knitting,schemes and a description for which we have considered, is ready! Wear it over your shirt, turtleneck or dress. It looks great both with strict office things, and with everyday and even romantic ones.