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We make baby booties

When it comes to the first children's shoes, manyfor some reason immediately remember the sandals. However, it is difficult to agree with this statement. In a sandal, the child is already dressed when he begins to try to walk. Until the same moment on his legs most often children's booties are painted, which can be the most diverse form. If desired, you can link them in the form of the same sandals or sandals, if the child is scheduled to dress in them in the summer or at home, and sew from fur when they are intended for the cold season.

baby booties

If baby booties will be worn exclusivelyin the winter, it is best to make them multilayered. In this case, they can perfectly replace even winter boots. Especially if they are sewn or tied from a material containing a large amount of wool, and the inner part is made of fur. In such shoes, the baby's legs will necessarily be warm, even if the street is cold enough.

Many young mothers are interested in the question: "How to tie children's booties?". Such products are always in excessively high demand. There are two options: you can use knitting needles or a crochet.

how to knit baby booties with knitting needles

First you need to decide on the yarn. For the summer, it is better to choose cotton-based threads, for wool - wool material. The thinner the yarn, the more gentle the product will be.

If we talk about how to tie baby bootiesknitting needles, there are also two options. You can use four knitting needles. In this case, baby booties will only come out with a seam on the sole. The technique of knitting them is very similar to the sequence of knitting socks. However, in the place where the heel traditionally appears, there are significant differences. At the manufacture of the pins at this stage, the toe part is formed. It is created in almost the same way as the heel. After this, the sides are executed, and then the foot is formed.

Also baby booties can be tied with two spokes. Such a product will be sewn along the entire length from behind. If desired, this seam can be used as a decorative element. To do this, in the process of work it will be necessary to form special loops, into which then a special lace will be inserted. The presence of such a lacing, perhaps, will later facilitate the child's training.

how to knit baby booties

If the booties are crocheted, then they can bewill be tied, without resorting at all to the thread and needle. In this case, work starts from the bottom, from the sole. After this, the sides and the toe part are formed.

Once the framework is ready,to do her decorating. To do this, you can use satin ribbons of different thicknesses. You can decorate them in the form of funny little animals. If the booties are designed for a small girl, then you can use beads - place it on the very edge of the finished product. The original design will look beautiful, formed from multi-colored beads.

In a word, decorating the pins is an opportunity to show remarkable imagination and demonstrate their skills in one form or another of needlework.