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Sewing your own dress is not difficult

For beginners in needlework pamper yourselfwith his own clothes stitched - it's not an easy task. But for those who own certain skills, sewing a dress with their own hands is not really hard. But the most important thing is desire and creativity. These qualities will be sufficient to compensate for the lack of experience in this field. Patience for gradual and correct fulfillment of the assigned task will also be important.

Where to begin?

sew a dress yourself

If you still decide to sew your dresshands, the main thing in this business is to get the original result, different from what can be found in the stores. Often I want to choose clothes for my taste and style. A certain color, pattern, fabric and style is hard to find in stores. Here it is worth thinking about: "Why not create it yourself?". It is worth knowing, without which you can not sew a dress yourself. Patterns are an indispensable element of this process. If you do not have them, it will not work. You just spoil the fabric and beat the inner desire to create something. Therefore, we need to find a suitable scheme. Where to look for it - is not so important, it can be, for example, different magazines. After choosing the pattern, you can also decide on the shape. Dress-transformers look original and do not cease to be fashionable. They allow you to change your appearance and are very comfortable to wear. Moreover, sewing dresses with their own hands of a similar style is quite simple.

Dress transformer

Sewing of dresses by own hands
This kind of dress, as already mentioned, is veryjust sew yourself. The main difficulty in making it is draping. The selection of the right fabric is also important. The material should be easy to get a graceful drapery. Yes, and sewing a dress with your own hands from a similar fabric - just one complete pleasure.

Materials for sewing

  1. Patterns and various drawings.
  2. Selected fabric.
  3. Threads in tone of material and needle.

Sew a dress yourself you need withquality processing of all seams. This will determine the appearance and accuracy of the result of work. Slightly executed seams will immediately be given out, that the dress was not only made by ones own hands, but absolute absolute ineptitude also tried to do it. Therefore, this stage of work should be treated with great care. The sewing process always begins with the removal of measurements. Circumference of the chest and waist, distance from the lower edge of the dress to the knee and from the knee to the collarbone. The dress will consist of three parts: the base, the belt and, of course, the ties. For the main part, a rectangle is cut from the fabric along the pattern. Then it is folded in half and an incision is made along the fold to place the belt there. For him you will need to take a strip of tissue, which is equal to the girth of the chest. The tie should be made from a 1.5 cm wide base material, and 3 m long. Next, try on the result in front of the mirror and adjust how best to drape the folds.


dress yourself patterns

Sewing a dress with your own hands in this way is the easiest. But at the same time the most fashionable. Therefore, if you decide to create a dress by yourself, then this method is the most optimal.