/ / Bind a scarf - simple and affordable even for novice craftsmen

To tie a scarf is simple and accessible even to novice craftsmen

Want to please yourself or your loved onesa warm thing made by yourself? This is a force even novice craftsmen. It is quite easy to tie a scarf. Usually it is knitted in addition to mittens or a cap, but often this accessory is a separate element of the wardrobe.

tie a scarf

tie a scarf

Simplicity and originality - variations of color scarves

Even using the simplest knitting technique, you can create a beautiful thing. To do this, it is important to select a few blending colors with a taste.

The first way is to tie the scarf with knitting needles, for example,garter stitch or ordinary elastic band, alternating colors. The dimensions are traditional: 25-35 centimeters wide, and about 1.5 meters long. The bottom is decorated with brushes. This scarf will suit both women and men. Everything depends on the chosen color scheme.

The second way to perform a variegated scarf -the crocheting of a set of square multi-colored fragments and their joining into a rectangular web of the right size. This model is more feminine, since it has delicate "notes". Undoubtedly, the patience of the master can not be hindered, since the work is rather laborious, requiring special diligence.

Openwork squares fit according to the scheme:

1 row - a chain of four or five air loops, enclosed in a circle.

2 row - in a ring three columns withtwo air loops, three columns with a crochet, two air loops, three columns with a crochet, two air loops, three columns with a crochet, two air loops, a loop to the first column with a crochet to close the square.

The third way is "Jacquard" scarf. Linking such a difficult, because behind the external simplicity hides a certain skill and experience. But it's still easier than tying out intricate openwork patterns with crochet or all kinds of interlacing with knitting needles. A distinctive feature of jacquard weaving is liveliness and saturation due to the variety of patterns and ornaments.

Variant of a simple openwork scarf, crocheted by an original method

The master, who has not yet mastered science enough,it will be quite easy to tie a scarf with a hook with a simple openwork pattern. The principle of performance is quite original. To perform this product, you need the following order:

scarf knit

  1. Type a chain from the VI, the length of which will be equal to the length of your scarf.
  2. The first row - a repeating fragment is tied into the chain of the base - rapport **: * СНН, two ВП *, СНН, having passed two loops, 2ВП etc. on the chain of the base, 3ВП for lifting.
  3. The second row - in * СН of the previous series to be tied up -one CIH, two C2H, one C3H, two C2H, one CIH, we pass two CIH *. It is possible to repeat the second row one or two more times to get a wider scarf.
  4. The third row is * RLS to the vertex of the fan from the CLS, eight VP *.
  5. The fourth row - * in the arch from the VP to remove 4 RLS, the peak of 3VP, 4SBN *.
  6. The next stage is the knitting of the second half of the scarf in the mirror image (take as a basis the first row of a narrow openwork cloth).
  7. Make the edges of the resulting canvas brushes.

In the above scheme, the following conventions are used:

VP - air loop, RLS - column without a crochet, СНН - a column with one cuff, С2Н - a column with two nakidami, С3Н - a column in three capes, CСН - a column with a crochet.

To tie a scarf with a lace pattern, you need not only skill, but also creativity.

A man's scarf is a fashionable wardrobe item

A stylish man will always appreciate the practicality andThe elegance of the scarf, through which his image will be truly finished. To tie a man's scarf can be embossed viscous, picking up a string of noble shades: gray, black, dark blue, olive. The use of melange threads will be successful. The easiest way is to knit an "English" rubber band.

The variety of models, colors, patterns will allow you to tie scarves for the whole family, selecting each one more suitable. Invent, create!