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Making knives at home

How to make a knife at home

The idea to make a knife at home came toto me after I saw products of Chinese manufacture sold in our shops. Looking at first glance, quite bearable, with beautifully decorated handles, kitchen knives turned out to be completely unusable. Not only that the materials from which these knives are made, were of a very dubious quality, so the whole set of knives eventually had to be thrown away, since all its components simply broke. Moreover, in the process of exploitation, very unpleasant thoughts arose when the peeling paint was seen on the knife handles, because all this rubbish could easily get into the products, and its origin was unknown.

Here I decided to try making knivesown hands. But this is only easy to say, making knives at home is not an easy matter, and materials are needed. At first I used the blade left by the Chinese knife, which had become unusable, because its handle, made of some suspicious plastic, did not quite fit, became an unpleasant sight, and then fell off. Therefore, the manufacture of knives at home, I started with a knife, which has only a pen from its own production. Having found a suitable piece of beech, I gave it the right shape with a hacksaw and file, processed it properly with a sandpaper (first large, then shallow) until the surface was perfectly smooth. My pen was made of two halves, between which was located the grip part of the blade. Accurately, with the help of a drill, drilled in both halves of the hole for fastening, padded the blade between them and fastened the entire handle with the help of rivets. And that between the halves of the handle there was no gap, on the inner part of it previously made grooves for the thickness and width of the blade to hide it with a pen.

Honestly, this knife looked verysoundly, the only difficulty was to get the material, it is not always easy to find hardwoods of wood, although, on the other hand, there is nothing impossible in it. Next, I planned to make a knife completely, including the blade. For this, I bought in the store a piece of stainless steel, half a millimeter thick. Then, not without difficulty, with the help of a drill and a hacksaw for metal, cut out the workpiece of the right size, trying to give the future blade the necessary shape. Honestly, to handle such a file by file - the occupation is very time-consuming, so I used electric emery. The grinding of the knife was done immediately, and also polished it with a special circle. Drilled holes for fixing the handle, but then everything happened already described in the above way. The exception was only the material of the knife - now I used a plastic blank, its processing was less laborious than that of wood, but the appearance of the finished handle was, unfortunately, no longer as pleasant as a knife with a wooden handle.

Still, the natural material is always more valuableartificial. In general, the making of knives at home was a very exciting activity, useful both for the household and for their own development. Having bought a kit from a familiar locksmith for the minting of markings, I, additionally, was able to apply engraving on the blade of the knife. I do not know how to whom, but I liked to improve, bring the manufacture of knives at home to quality, and did not dream of those products that are sold in hardware stores. In addition, the set of tools needed for such production is not so great, and at first only the most common tools can be completely handled.