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How to sew a tunic with your own hands

The long-awaited summer is not far off, and the majoritywomen are already getting light things, which will not be hot. One of the most popular items of the women's summer wardrobe is a tunic. Strangely enough, you can sew a tunic yourself, getting rid of endless shopping trips.

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This procedure is quite simple and has a lot ofadvantages. Firstly, it will help you save money and time, as to sew a tunic with your own hands, as a rule, is 2 times cheaper than buying. Secondly, sewn alone, it will take into account all your fantasies and wishes: style, color that you like.

You must start sewing with the choice of fabric. It is enough to take the right step and choose the unpretentious in the care material, a good style and color, and then you will never come face to face with your clone. And if you want to be irresistible, it makes sense to sew a tunic with your own hands.

Before embarking on the very process of tailoring,it is necessary to adequately assess their capabilities and choose the appropriate method. If you do not have experience in making clothes, and a sewing machine that is dusting at home does not have

how to sew a tunic for the beach
functions of seam processing, you can resort to helpsatin or any other scarves. Sewing a tunic from kerchiefs will not be difficult. First, all the edges have already been processed. Secondly, the number of seams to be performed can be counted on the fingers.

In order to use this method,you need to buy 2 handkerchiefs with dimensions of 90-100 cm, suitable threads, buttons and other necessary fittings. After there is one of the most difficult stages - taking measurements.

Applying vertical lines on both handkerchiefs smoothlyin the middle, you can determine the neck, as a rule, it is applied at a distance of 10-20 cm from the middle vertical line. It is from it that the shoulder seams that will depend on the distance left by you are taken. After all the measurements have been made, the tags are scheduled, you can proceed to the next stage and sweep the tunic. By trying on the product, you can correct and make corrections, after which you have to sew up the sewn seams.

However, not everyone is looking for easy ways, and many women are interested in how to sew a tunic for the beach in a more complex way.

Just as in the previous method, sewing must begin with the removal of measurements. First of all, it is necessary to determine the width of the product, taking into account the half-hip of the hips and

sew one's own tunic
adding a couple of centimeters for a free cut. Next, determine the neck, width and length of the sleeve. The length of the sleeve should be calculated from the central line of the chest to the length you need, plus a few centimeters for the fold. In this case it is worth considering that the sleeve rises, if the hand is in the lowered state. Also consider the hemming of the hand.

Next, you need to process all edges with an overlock andmake a double bend. Sweep all the seams and try on your product. If necessary, make changes. Work on the already-welded seams will not be difficult. The first method differs from the second in that it is much more difficult to sew a tunic in the second way, since it becomes necessary to process the seams, to make patterns, while in the first method it is necessary to simply sew the shawls in the right places.

In conclusion, you can decorate the resulting productglass beads, paetkami or beads. In order to sew a tunic, at least in the first way, you do not need to have special skills. It is enough to show imagination, to experiment a little, and you will necessarily create a unique outfit that will make passers-by look around.