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Beach bag with our own hands: to sew, decorate, learn ourselves

A bag for hiking on the beach is quite possible to makeand independently. To do this, you need to have a machine in place, pick up the right material for the base and lining, come up with a style. And, of course, you should have some sewing and sewing skills.

Material and shape

bag sewing
What should be a beach bag? With their own hands it is easier to sew for the first time the style is simpler. For example, rectangular or in the form of a trapezoid. These bags are quite roomy, convenient and practical. Handles should preferably be made in order to carry not only in their hands, but also hang on their shoulder. And, of course, it should have pockets, internal - for a purse, glasses and other necessary items. As for the material, the bag, with your own hands to sew which you are going to, can reflect your tastes and style preferences. Choose the color bright, elegant. In the end, even the beach, it is still an accessory. Agree that with a gray burlap in your hands, you obviously will not "komilfo", especially if they themselves are in a fashionable swimsuit and the corresponding outfit. In addition, it's a summer option, and summer is always associated with the riot of colors, the glitter of light, joyful, upbeat mood. The type of fabric is also a difficult question. Best is obtained from beginners denim bag. With their own hands to sew jeans is easier, it is "docile" material, convenient in cutting and processing. But applicable are all kinds of shawls, upholstery fabrics, imitation leather, etc. In general, choose and work!

Making workpieces

beach bag with your own hands pattern
Do you know how to make the most elementary bag? With his hands to sew such a thing is easier than a simple one from a denim skirt. If it is short, to the knees, just stitch both halves of the hem. Belt, zipper, you can not even touch, they will remain as an element of decor. "The body" of the bag beads or glue appliques. Will be original and exclusive. However, if we decided to make a thing, that is called, from scratch, we will act differently. In order for you to have a good and high quality beach bag with your own hands, the pattern will be the first assistant. Stock up with a centimeter and a long ruler, or better - tracing paper (millimeter paper). Estimate the size of the bag and draw its parts in 1: 1 format accordingly. Do the same for pens and pockets, just mark that there is something. Immediately put a few centimeters on the seams. Then cut out the details, but by the standards with seams. Lay out the material and from the wrong side, circle the outlines of the pattern. Now at the paper blanks, bend exactly the edges with the allowances and circle once more - the parts of the final size. Cut the workpieces from the fabric along the first contours. Sweep to find out what you have done and there is nothing wrong with it. For pens make strips 8-10 cm wide (narrow will cut the shoulder), and length - 140 cm.

Final result

handbag master class
Consider that you have quite succeeded in carrying your baghands. The master class is almost finished. Each part is swept, so that the threads do not pour, then stitch or stitch hands. Stroke so that the sides and the bottom are not bristled. Stitch the "ducts" -handles, turn them out on the front side and sew to the bag. If you are interested in pockets, they can be cut from the remains of matter and stitched from the inside or outside. If you want an external one, take pieces of contrasting tissue - then you will have an element of decor. To bag closed, sew velcro or even buttons and make loops - it will be original and fresh. And it is possible to sew a decorative lace in a loop - it will also look good.

You can decorate your product differently, as fantasy tells. And cheerfully go with a new thing to the beach!