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Magic cardigans crochet: tips for beginners

If you want to learn how to knit patterned cardiganscrochet, you should first fill your hand with loops, deciphering the circuits. An important aspect is the ability to count the product, so that such complex details as armhole, sleeve hose

cardigans crochet
They turned out to be fine, they fit well together.

The most simple cardigan

We recommend to purchase the appropriateexperience start with a simple model. Just a few loops you need to be able to knit in order to make a cardigan crochet. Schemes of the product will not be needed. This cardigan is knitted without a pattern. It will require 300 g (3 hanks) of acrylic yarn "Crystal"; hook number 3,5. A beginner skilled worker should know how to knit an air loop, a column with a crochet.

Begin to knit (calculated for 44 sizes)

We dial a chain of 75 air loops. Then it is desirable to fix it, making one loop without a crochet in each of the 75 dialed. Now we need to raise the row. To do this, we perform three air loops. This operation will be repeated every time to pick up the next row. Now we knit 13 rapports consisting of two pairs of loops with a crochet, delimited by air (2 n / n, 1 in / n, 2n / n) on our tape. The whole drawing of a cardigan consists of this combination. Having connected 15 rows, we collect from each side 8 more air loops (for armhole). The upper part of the back got to the armhole.

cardigan crocheted scheme


Starting to knit, you yourself will be surprised how simplecreate cardigans crocheted. For the shelves from the ribbon knit in the back of the back two halves, starting with four rapports. Then gradually add in each row a half of the main pattern, until you get 7 basic fragments. Having connected 15 rows on each side, we connect the whole product into one sheet. Get a small vest. It must be knit to the hem with one cloth to the desired length. Note that cardigans crocheted from different threads, just like any crocheted article, are stretched out. Expect this product to become 3 to 5 cm longer after stripping.


Sleeves knit from the head of the armhole (from the shoulderlines). To do this, three rapports are recruited, and then loops with a crochet are added in each row, connecting them to the edge of the sleeve. If the sleeves you still can not, then leave your product without them, having treated the armhole with one or two rows of columns. Cardigans, crocheted with fine threads, look great in the festive ensemble. In them the main thing - a patterned pattern. This model is created to decorate your image, and not to warm in the cold.

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Finish the product

This simple product is processed along the edge, asvery many cardigans: crochet crochets waves consisting of ten columns with a crochet (in one loop). It turns out a lace edge. Calculate it is necessary so that this element does not pull the product. Let your wavers be more comfortable.

Tips for performing more complex products

Having created such a model, you will be able to knitmore complex cardigans crochet. Just do not pass. As they say, the road will be mastered by the going. If you like crocheting cardigans, schemes of more complex patterns can be found in magazines. Then follow the recommendations, carefully examining the sequence of execution of loops. And do not have time to look back, as you will be dressed in an exclusive outfit, created with your own hands!