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Rowan bead: weaving scheme and master class

Learn how to weave trees from beads caneveryone who wants. Experienced craftsmen are advised to start working with simple crafts in order to study all the subtleties of this kind of beadwork. With the acquisition of a sufficient skill, you can independently create more complex products.

There are several simple models, with the example of which you can learn the nuances of weaving beautiful beaded trees. Often, this art begins with the simplest model.

Weaving from beads of mountain ash is quite simple and fascinating occupation. The main thing is to observe the sequence indicated in the scheme.

rowan bead braided scheme master class

Rowan bead: weaving scheme, master class

The work should begin with the manufacture of the leaf of the plant. It consists of nine small leaves.

rowan bead plaiting scheme
The type of weaving one small leaf contains five rows. String on the wire one green beads in the first and fifth rows. In the remaining rows - two beads.

Collect them in one large sheet. To do this, at the base twist together three small leaves. Straighten them and weave in pairs the six remaining leaves. You got the first sheet of mountain ash.

rowan bead braided scheme master class
Similarly, weave the remaining fourteen leaves of mountain ash.

Rowan bead: the scheme of weaving berries

We begin to weave bunches, each of which consists of ten red berries. First, you need to cut off the wire, about 65 centimeters long.

  1. Put the first bead on the wire, having retreated from its edge 10 centimeters. Secure the beads and fasten it with the ends of a wire 1.5 centimeters long.
  2. Then put the red beads two centimeters from the previous part.
  3. Again twist the wire, but at the base of the second bead.
  4. Twist all the berries together. You should get a bunch of mountain ash.
    rowanberry bead weaving scheme
  5. Do the same procedure with the other eight beads.
  6. Form a brush of mountain ash from three identical bunches.
  7. Combine the three bunches together and twist them at the bottom. Weave seven similar bunches of mountain ash.
  8. Then wrap them in a dense thread at the base.
  9. Form the branches of mountain ash, twisting the leaf and cluster together.
    rowan bead plaiting scheme
  10. After a little step back, attach another leaf to the branch of the mountain ash.
  11. Make seven similar branches, wind each twig at the base of the thread.
  12. To create a rowan trunk, take a thick wire and attach the original branch to it at the base, wrapping it very tightly with a thread.
  13. A little lower, alternately attach the other branches, forming a tree organically. All the places, fasten the branches, rewind the thread and cut off excess ends.
  14. Insert a rowan of beads in a decorative pot filled with plasticine or gypsum.

beaded rowan beads

It remains to decorate the vase with rowan and enjoy the work done.

beaded rowan beads
In such an intricate way weave is done with beads. Rowan, master class, the easiest way to learn how to create trees and shrubs from beads.

Necessary tools and materials

Before you begin the process of creating ashberry from beads, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  • ordinary and aluminum wire;
  • red and green beads;
  • dense thread;
  • decorative flowerpot.

Making rowan from beads, the second way

Let's look at another interesting variant of weaving.
For making a different way of rowan you will need:

  • orange-red and green beads 10 (Czech) or 12 (Chinese) size;
  • wire 0.3 mm thick and thicker to form a barrel;
  • tape or thread for winding the barrel;
  • brown acrylic paint;
  • gypsum or clay.

Create bunches of mountain ash

Start with the formation of grapes, each of which consists of five small bundles.

Rowan bead, weaving scheme (2):

  1. Cut a piece of wire 33 centimeters long.
  2. On it, type three beads of red color and place them at a distance of five centimeters from the edge.
  3. Twist the wire about one centimeter below it.
  4. At the long end of the wire again, type three beads and make a similar twist under them. In total, ten twists are to be made on the wire.
  5. Then twist the ends of the wire so that a bundle comes out.
  6. There are five such beams. Then from them make a bunch of rowan berries (twist the bundles among themselves).

Rowanberry leaves

To create a tree of mountain ash from beads youyou need eleven bunches. When the bunches are ready, you can start making leaves. They are braided in rows, that is, they use the technique of parallel weaving.

  • The first row: take a wire length of about 25 centimeters, on it, type one bead, pull any end of the wire through it and tighten it.
  • The second row: put two beads on one end of the wire, and pull the other end through the dialed beads in the opposite direction and again tighten.
  • The third, fourth and fifth rows consist of three beads.
  • Further weaving of beads of mountain ash is carried out similarly, as in the previous master class.

beading rowan master class

The final stage

To give the greatest similarity to a beaded treewith a living original you need to experiment with the bends of the trunk and branches. The finished tree can be mounted on a stand, gypsum its trunk, and then open it with brown or brown paint. You will get a nice rowanberry from beads. The scheme of weaving is not difficult, despite the capacity of the description. The acquisition of skill in weaving trees and shrubs depends on the level of your care and perseverance.