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Expensive modern coins of Russia: what is their value?

Sometimes the treasure can be found even in its ownpurse. Expensive modern coins of Russia can make you richer! The fact is that some money can be sold: the main thing is to know which ones and to whom.

expensive modern coins of russia

Expensive modern coins of Russia. By whom and why are they valued?

There are some copies of coins that were released in small print runs. And, as you know, everything that is rare is expensive.

A small number of certain coinsIt is conditioned, as a rule, by trial, jubilee or regular marriage. Such money is highly appreciated among collectors, they are ready to give large sums for some 50 modern kopecks. These copies can also be sold to the state bank.

Expensive modern coins of Russia: the older - the better?

Unfortunately, this rule does not work here. You can have coins of 1996, 1997 years of release, but they are not valuable. All because they were released a lot.

the most expensive coins of modern Russia
But if you saw that your money printed years, for example, 2001 or 2003, you can do a more detailed study of the possible source of profit.

The most expensive coins of modern Russia

One hundred thousand rubles can be received by one whowill find a fifty coin of the year 2001 issue. Just do not rush to faint: there is an important detail. Under the horse's hoof on the eagle it is always indicated where exactly the coin was issued. If there is the letter "m", then you are very lucky. And if it is in good condition, it can be really expensive to sell.

But the most expensive modern coins in Russia are,of course, 5 rubles in 1999. Some even call it "the dream of a coin collector". Surprisingly, only one specimen has been found so far. It happened back in 2009, and since then no one has been lucky enough to become the owner of 250,000 rubles. Yes, it was this price that was established by well-informed collectors.

list of expensive coins of modern russia

This coin has, in addition to the year of release, moreseveral distinctive features. For example, a leaf of a plant on the ridge touches the edge. In the word "rubles" the lower parts of the letters are pointed. And in figure 5 on the contrary - the top left corner is rounded.

It is unlikely that the circulation is limited to one copy, so everyone has a chance to get rich.

However, to find such 50 kopecks or 5 rubles verydifficult. They are not present in circulation, and they can be found only accidentally, on the ground. But do not despair, because you can make money on other, less rare money.

List of expensive coins of modern Russia

In circulation there is a very small party2-ruble coins. They were released in 2001. It is not known exactly how many of them there are. However, the fact that a two-ruble coin in good condition can get an average of 40,000 rubles, is an absolute truth. Important: it should not be a jubilee.

In 2001, the party of ruble coins was also struck. The price for it also depends on the state, but it can amount to 30,000 rubles. And for 10 thousand you can sell 2 rubles, cast in 2003.

We have listed the most expensive coins of modern Russia. Inspect carefully your small thing: who knows, maybe you will become richer for several hundred thousand.