/ / Crafts on the theme "Autumn" from salted dough: hedgehogs, vegetables, mushrooms

Crafts on the theme "Autumn" from salted dough: hedgehogs, vegetables, mushrooms

Salted dough is soft, plastic and comfortablematerial for the manufacture of hand-made articles. Children really like to make molding from the dough, as it is much easier to work with it than with plasticine. Consider how to prepare it and what crafts on the theme "Autumn" from the salted dough can be done with the baby.

Cooking recipes

Prepare a salty dough for crafts is easy. There are several recipes for preparing the mixture. We will become acquainted with several. Try each and choose the most convenient for yourself. It is only necessary to observe the proportions correctly.

1. 500 g of premium flour must be mixed with 200 g of fine table salt. Then pour 200 ml of cold water into this mass. Then you need to mix everything thoroughly. The material is ready, you can start to make crafts on the theme "Autumn" from the salted dough.

2. In a bowl you need to pour a glass of fine salt and add half a cup of hot water. After dissolving the salt in water, gradually add a glass of flour in small portions. All is well mixed, so that no lumps are formed. At the end, a tablespoon of vegetable oil is added. When the mixture stops sticking to your hands, you need to put it in a bag and put it on a cold place for a couple of hours.

3. In 200 ml of water, pour 500 g of flour and mix thoroughly. Then pour 2 cups of PVA glue. After the mixing, a stable mass will be obtained, from which crafts on the theme "Autumn" from the salted dough will be stored for a long time, they can be toned and painted.

How to dry handicrafts?

After the craft is made, it is necessaryto dry. If you just leave it at room temperature, it will not solidify completely. Inside there will be a wet dough, in due course the product is deformed and "floats". Yes, and you can not paint such a craft.

To make the product durable, you need it welldry over the entire thickness. You can use the oven for this. The drying time depends on the size of the craft on the theme "Autumn" from the salted dough. If the dough is thin, then half an hour is enough at a temperature of 100 degrees. If the product is thick and large, then it is necessary to increase the time to an hour.

Hedgehog of salted dough

To make such a hedgehog you will also needpine pine cone, which will fulfill the role of thorns. First, as in the work with plasticine, you need to roll a round ball, from which the muzzle of the beast is made by the way of drawing. From a small piece roll a ball and glue it to the place of the nose. Eyes are made by piercing holes with a sharp object. You can use a stack for plasticine or just a pencil.

crafts on the theme of autumn from salted dough

Then you need from four identical piecesroll out your paws. The hedgehog is assembled. On the cone, the head is pressed into the front by pressing in, and the bottom - 4 paws. On the "thorns" hedgehog can be attached separately stapled leaves or an apple.

Another hedgehog

This variant of the hedgehog from the salted dough is the easiest. It can be done with three-year-olds. A muzzle of a beast is stretched out of a rolled ball. Eyes and nose can be dazzled separately, and you can paint with black paint.

hedgehog from salted dough

The needles of the hedgehog are made from small vermicelli, which is simply stuck into the upper part of the trunk. Everything, the hedgehog is ready!

Autumn vegetables

Vegetables from salty dough to sculpt very easily. Before molding, you need to talk with the child, remember what vegetables he knows, where they grow, what color. Consider either the vegetables themselves, or their image in the pictures.

salted dough vegetables

It is also desirable to repeat what form thesevegetables, how to mold them better. Then begins the process of modeling. Turnip and beets are molded from a large bowl by stretching the tail-root at the center. If there is a desire, you can individually blind the tops and attach them on the flat side with a bundle together.

The root of parsley and carrots are molded by rolling out sausages, then one side of the product is made thinner. From above, several branches are inserted into the middle.

Tomato is also made from round billets. Center on top you need to attach a tail. Cucumber roll out of the "sausage", rounding the ends.

After drying, the vegetables are colored.


From salted dough as autumn craftsyou can make mushrooms. First with the child you need to consider what form they are. There are the usual with a round and flat hat. This is a boletus, a podberezovik, honey agarics, a boletus. For older children, it can be suggested to try to dazzle chanterelles or colorful fly agaric.

mushrooms from salted dough

After the mushrooms are ready and thoroughly dried, they need to be colored. To make the mushrooms bright and shiny, the finished product is covered with acrylic lacquer.

Painting products

There are two ways of coloring the salted dough. After molding and drying, the finished product is simply painted with acrylic paints or plain gouache. With pre-school children, this method is the best.

If there is a desire to make interesting crafts fordecorating rooms, you can buy food coloring and add it even at the stage of kneading the dough. Then the color of the dough will be uniform, and the decor will be bright.

Working with a salt test is easy, since its structure is plastic and soft. Fantasize and create for your pleasure together with the kids!