/ How to sew a bag with your own hands from a fabric. Summer cloth bag with own hands

How to sew a bag with your own hands from the fabric. Summer cloth bag with own hands

Want to learn how to sew a bag with your own hands fromfabric? Read the tips, step by step instructions. Choose the options you like. To make a fashionable accessory yourself can easily be made from improvised materials.

how to sew a bag with your own hands from a fabric

The simplest bag

Even a beginner can cope with this task. To sew this accessory, you will need a cloth for the bag itself and for the pens. They are made of both the same and contrast material. Suitable and special reinforced cords or tapes that are used for seat belts. Patterns of bags made of fabric are both complex and simple. Manufacturing technology is as follows:

  1. Cut out two identical rectangles from the fabric. If the material is large, not in the remainders, then bend it twice and make one large workpiece. The seat of the fold is the bottom of the bag.
  2. If you do not have ready-made pens, sew themindependently of the same fabric. To make such a strap, cut out a strip of double width or a pair of separate desired size. Do not forget about seam allowances. Sew the strips on the wrong side and turn them out. You will have a belt. Smooth out the edge iron. The second similar part is made in the same way.
  3. Sew one edge of the handle to the right place first on the front side of the bag. The same is done with the second end. You should get a knob-loop.
  4. Make the hem of the bag details 3-5 cm,sew it. Handles will be tied to it. If you are going to carry a lot of heavy things in a bag, they need to be sewn tightly, so the bend should be better executed. Tack the handle to the bend along the perimeter of the rectangle and its diagonals. Now everything will hold tight and will not come off. You also do the second strap. By the way, you can use the usual seam or zigzag. The second will be more reliable and at the same time will fix the edges.
  5. Sew the main parts of the bag on the sides at the fold line at the bottom or on three sides if the bag is made of two parts.

The simplest version is ready.

how to sew a shopping bag with your own hands
You can make an extra bottom and join the sides in the form of rectangles, that is, your bag will resemble a tissue case. Accordingly, you will have to perform more seams.
Patterns of bags made of cloth

Summer cloth bag with own hands

Another simple idea is to sew a product from a shirt that you do not wear or do not wear at all.

summer cloth bag with own hands
The manufacturing process will be as follows:

  1. From the shirt, cut off all the labels, if it's new.
    ideas for a handbag with your own hands
    Turn inside out and fold so that the straps are arranged like a ring of handles of the future bag.
    Patterns of bags made of cloth
  2. Fold the bottom to the handles and fix the fabric with pins or a filigree thread. From these bends, internal pockets will be made.
  3. Straighten the product on three sides and additionally in the center make a seam on the pockets, so that there are two on each side.
  4. Turn the bag on the front side. You can iron the edges.

how to sew a bag with your own hands from a fabric

We apply old books as a basis

Ideas for handbags, made by their own hands, are the most diverse.
As a basis, you can use not only the old T-shirts, but even the cover of the book.

ideas for a handbag with your own hands
A bag from the cover is made according to the following scheme:

  1. Take an unnecessary hardcover book. Carefully cut out a block of pages with a knife. In this case, you do not need it.
  2. From the fabric, make two rectangles for the sidewalls or one common for the entire design of the bag. Do not forget about seam allowances.
  3. You will also need two triangular (trapezoidal) rags for the "ends" of the bag, straps for the handles and fasteners.
  4. When everything is prepared, put a cardboard binding on the fabric. The protruding edges bend inward and glue to the base.
  5. Sew or fasten in any other way handles and fasteners.
  6. Glue the inside of the bag, that is, the lining. It can be from the same material or another.
  7. Sew the side triangles.

The bag is ready.

ideas for a handbag with your own hands

We use boxes

The original version of a small handbag can be made from ordinary boxes of tea or any other. They will need two. One for the base and the lining, the second for the outside.

ideas for a handbag with your own hands
If the front part is not covered with a cloth,the surface of the box should be beautiful. Both blanks need to be taken in the same size. If you do not have one, it's not difficult to make it inside out of cardboard or thick paper. So, get to work. Your actions should be as follows:

  1. Open the first box to a flat sweep. Remove the unnecessary parts. You only need the bottom, the four sides and the lid. The cardboard needs to be reduced a little, cutting at the edges, so that it later fits inside the second box.
  2. Cut the shape and size of the workpiece with a shred of fabric, taking into account the allowances for bends.
  3. Lay the fabric on a cardboard base, wrap the edges inside and glue. Fold the box so that the fabric is inside.
  4. Insert the lining into the second box.
  5. Attach handles or a long chain, as well as a loop and bead for fastening.
  6. Paste the space between the two layers of the bag.

ideas for a handbag with your own hands
If you do not have a beautiful box that can be used as the front side of the product, you will have to wrap the second box with a cloth, after having unfolded it.

How to sew a shopping bag with your own hands

Here is a simple way to make a stylish shopping bag with which you can go to the market or to a grocery store. It is made of an old T-shirt or T-shirt.

how to sew a shopping bag with your own hands
The material must be trailing. Do the following:

  1. Put the shirt in front of you vertically with the collar up. Cut out of it a large rectangle with a rounded bottom.
  2. Turn the inside out and put the arc out. Use a zigzag stitch or else overlap the edges. The side seams of the bag remain factory-made.
  3. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a strip at the top of the workpiece in the middle relative to the horizontal. There will be a slot-pen. Do it with scissors on both layers of fabric.
  4. On the entire bag, apply a pattern from the horizontal intermittent lines. You can dispose of them chaotically or according to a certain pattern.
    Patterns of bags made of cloth
  5. On the outlined diagram, make cuts with sharp scissors on two layers of fabric.

All is ready.

Decor for a bag and an update of old models

Now you know how to sew a bag with your own hands from a fabric, and you can do it. However, one should think about decor.

Patterns of bags made of cloth
Even the simplest thing, originally decorated,will look impressive and stylish. Very beautiful look elements from satin ribbons in Kansas technique, as well as flowers made of felt. You can glue the surface with rhinestones, sew a sequin, make embroidery with beads or ribbons. If you like to do handicrafts, then you surely did something like that.
how to sew a bag with your own hands from a fabric

Despite the fact that you learned how to sew a bagwith your own hands made of cloth, maybe you just do not want to do it. Remember that you can always use the upgrade options for old finished products. It is easiest to do this with the help of decor, but dramatically changing the appearance of the thing will help coloring. For a leather product, acrylic is suitable. To make a drawing on the bag, you need to use stencils cut from the film, or ordinary tape. They can be glued vertically or horizontally the parts of the bag. Unclosed paint in contrast to the old tone of color. After drying, remove the scotch and cover the product with varnish for the skin. The effect will surprise you.

So, you learned how to sew a bag with your own hands fromtissue. Choose any model, favorite decor option and create your fashion accessory. And if there is absolutely no time for needlework, simply update your old bag using the suggested methods.