/ How to sew a sarafan with your own hands for a girl?

How to sew a sarafan with your own hands for a girl?

Sarafan is a kind of women's clothing, invented inAncient Russia. In this thing, there is not a lot of details and darts. Usually a sundress is sewn from one or two cloths and straps that hold the product on the shoulders.

The first model

To make such a thing alone will not belabor even to those who never held a needle in their hands. The most simple model is sewn without using a pattern. The process will take literally an hour. To do this, you only need to measure the chest girth and increase it by 2-3 centimeters. On a fabric folded in half, postpone the necessary length of the future product, with allowances for the hem. The length should be noted from two perpendicular sides and connected by an arc-shaped line. Cut in an arc. Then top the measure half the length of the girth length and cut along this line. Sew a fabric on a back, to make a hem of a fabric on top and a bottom of a product, to sew a double line.

sew a sundress with your own hands for a girl

The straps to such a sundress can be used fromfinished satin ribbon. Another option is to sew yourself. To do this, it is necessary to fold the fabric, measure the necessary width and length. Sew from the wrong side, leaving one edge open. Then it is necessary to turn on the front side. After it is necessary to iron and sew to the main part. The dress is ready.

We sew on a vest

Most sarafans are everyday clothesfor girls of different ages. After all, such clothes are light, practical and do not hinder movement. How to sew a sarafan with your own hands for a girl? You can, of course, use the first sewing method described above. And you can sew, using as a sample one of the child's T-shirts. To do this, it is necessary to fold the prepared fabric twice with the wrong side upwards.

jean sarafan pattern

Then put the shirt and draw it around the contour. After that, the necessary length should be postponed. The second detail of the sarafan will fit the back of the jersey. Then both parts are cut taking into account allowances for seams. It remains only to sew on the side cuts and the upper cuts on the shoulders. Then you need to process the side armholes on the sleeves, sew the bottom of the product. Here's how to sew a sundress with your own hands for a girl without making a pattern. As you can see, everything is done quite simply.

Sew a dress from an old thing

How to sew a sundress with your own hands for a girl fromold skirt or dress? To do this, cut the bottom of the dress. Usually this is the largest detail with a lot of fabric. Then you can attach a child's jersey to the material and sew a sundress in the second way. Another option - you can sew a skirt sun, with a length equal to the desired length of the sarafan, insert the waistband elastic on the volume of the chest. Add ribbons for shoulder straps. Everything, the outfit is ready.

We sew with a pattern

How to sew a sarafan for a girl, patternswhich already exist? They need only be transferred to a polyethylene film and then transferred to a fabric. And you can build a pattern yourself. It is only necessary to measure the girth of the chest, the girth of the waist, the hips and the length of the product.

how to sew a sundress with your own hands patterns

The pattern of the sarafan is built on the basis of a trapezoid. In the upper base half of the chest circumference is laid, then the length from the chest to the waist is measured, at this intersection half of the waist circumference is postponed. After the perpendicular is equal to the length from the waist to the middle of the thigh. At this point, half the girth of the hips is deposited. Then the pattern continues to the required length. The base of the sarafan should be 10 centimeters more than the girth of the hips. Pattern for a sundress is ready. Now it is simply transferred to the fabric, after which a thing is made on it.

How to sew a sarafan for a girl whose patternsare made for large volumes? It is only necessary to recalculate all data regarding the dimensions of the model. After that, you should rebuild the pattern, based on this model.

Denim model

How to sew a sundress with your own hands for a girl fromdenim fabric? Jeans - fairly dense matter. With a small sewing experience, it is possible to spoil both the fabric and the future product. It is best to use the services of masters. However, if the sewing machine copes with the denim fabric and the landlady has sufficient sewing skills, then it is possible to produce everything yourself.

sarafan for girl pattern

The jeans sarafan pattern should not betoo complex. The product is usually done on the basis of a dress-shirt, has a fastener in front of the product and two side pockets. There should not be any additional darts or folds on the denim outfit.


In order for the sarafan to sit on the figure beautifully andimparted elegance, it must be remembered that only correct, even seams should be on the product. All measurements should be accurately carried out and laid on a cloth centimeter to a centimeter. The length of the front and back panels should be the same. That's all the tips


Now you know how to sew a sundress with your ownhands, some patterns are presented in the article. Also useful tips are given. Do not be afraid to make such a light model. After all, a sarafan is always in fashion and always useful for wearing at home, and for walking along the beach or the city. Every girl of any age will be happy to have in her wardrobe a couple of different models.