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Learning to make modular origami swans

modular origami

"Origami" in Japanese means"Folded paper". This art was very popular with samurai. These brave people made such souvenirs from paper and gave them to each other, thus expressing their respect. Some of the figures, according to legends, generally brought their owner luck. After some time, parchment articles were made in China. In general, the ability to create figurines by adding paper was a rule of good taste.

The main essence

In our time in China origami has become recognizedinternational art. It has many kinds, one of which is the so-called modular origami. The main feature of modular origami is that the figure is created by adding together a large number of identical particles, the so-called "modules". Each module is made from a separate sheet. The figure is created by inserting the module into the module. The more such details are used to create a certain image, the more spacious and believable becomes the creation. Let's look at modular origami swans. To create a bird according to the proposed scheme, you do not need special skills.

modular origami swans

Stages of work execution

To make modular origami "Swan", the scheme of work will be as follows:

  1. Take about 500 rectangles of paper size 40x60 mm and one red module for the beak.
    modular origami swan assembly diagram
  2. From these (white or colored) rectangles you need to make triangular origami modules.
    modular origami swan assembly diagram
  3. We arrange the first three modules horizontally, inserting the corners of the 1 and 2 modules into the two pockets of the 3rd module.
    modular origami swan assembly diagram
    modular origami swan assembly diagram
  4. The first ring of crafts will consist of five modules, folded in two rows along the outer and inner circle. In each row there will be thirty modules.
    modular origami swan assembly diagram

We continue to create

So, modular origami "Swan". The assembly scheme will be as follows. Modules are laid out in staggered order, and the extreme module closes the ends of the chain. Folding modular origami swans, you should know that one of the features of the classic origami is that glue, tape or duct tape during operation is not needed.

When in this scheme you will already build five rowstorso figures of the future swan, you will need to gently turn the resulting ring to the wrong side. The form will be similar to the stadium. Continuing to make the origami "Swan", the modules are laid out from above. Be extremely attentive, the main thing in this painstaking work is not to get confused and not to be mistaken.

modular origami swan scheme

And a bit more…

After reaching the seventh row, you need to startlaying out the head and wings of a swan. It is from this series that the number of modules should be reduced by one. When creating a tail, repeat the same procedure.

modular origami swan scheme

To create the neck of the swan, the corners of one module are inserted into the pockets of the other.

modular origami swan scheme

To give more naturalness to the figure, it can be supplemented with eyes and a stand.

Beautiful modular origami swans will be obtained only if you learn how to correctly create triangular modules and try to put them in the right places.

modular origami swan scheme

Origami for complete happiness

Due to the large number of modules, anyThe figure made in modular origami will seem much more realistic. Start, and you will see how quickly this work will carry you away! Even doctors say that when creating such masterpieces from paper, a person acquires a feeling of peace, calm and complete happiness. And this often is not enough in our fussy life.

Start creating modular origami swans right now.