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Clothes for dogs with their own hands

Real dog lovers always try to givetheir pets only the best. To date, specialized stores offer a wide range of products for animals, including clothes for dogs. Such clothes are represented by various blankets made of drape and velvet, costumes representing fairy-tale heroes, and pretty overalls of all kinds of colors with embroidery, rhinestones and other elements of decor. In this kind of stores you can even buy shoes for a four-legged friend, but such outfits are not affordable for all dog lovers.

clothes for dogs with their own hands

However, there is still a way out of the situation.Those who dream of dressing their favorite pet in a stylish suit, you just need to try a little and stock up on the necessary materials. After all, clothes for dogs with their own hands - it's not only interesting, but also economical, in addition, this outfit will be truly exclusive, because it can not be bought in any store.

clothes for dogs own patterns

Today, there are many online communities,where dog lovers lay out photos of their work with a detailed description of the process of creating a dress for the pet and patterns. Those who are interested in clothes for dogs with their own hands, it is best to choose patterns, based on the characteristics of a particular breed. It is also necessary to determine what type of needlework is more interesting and suitable for making pet clothes: knitting or tailoring outfits from the fabric.

Knitted clothes for dogs, with their own handsmade, assumes a standard set of outfits - hats and blankets, but sewing involves a wider choice - shirts, trousers, overalls, caps and much more.

Fashionable clothes for four-legged pets, likeclothing designed for people, is represented by a wide variety of styles and models. However, the tailoring mainly uses several types of standard patterns.

knitted clothes for dogs

In order to correctly calculate the parameterspatterns, you need to remove the exact measurements from the pet. For example, to sew a overall, you need to measure the length of the dog, from the collar to the base of the tail, and the distance from the ribs and to the front paws - the depth of the chest. Then take a standard pattern of overalls for dogs and customize to specific sizes. Clothing for dogs, created by their own hands, requires fitting, as well as clothes that are sewn for people.

The width of the parts on the legs is adjusted in the processfitting, pulling the elastic band to the kulisk to the desired size. Clothing for dogs, sewn by hand, must necessarily have cutouts for the tail and genitals. After all the details are joined together, you can decorate the overalls with a girdle or an original decorative trim.

The same principle is used for knittingClothing for dogs with their own hands, whose patterns can be easily found on specialized sites. However, it is necessary to take into account that knitted products have the property of stretching.

Clothes for dogs, created by their own hands, canTo become a fairly profitable business, if to take this issue seriously. It is quite possible to go about sewing clothes for dogs and cats at home, this option is suitable for women on maternity leave or for those who can not find a job by profession yet.