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Lessons of needlework. We knit the jacket with knitting needles

Knitted sweaters are real"wand-zashchalochki" in the cold season. This garment is comfortable and practical, it can be worn with a skirt, trousers, a dress. You can do this thing with different patterns from ordinary and textured yarn. But today it became very fashionable to wear things made with a thick thread. And sweaters in this case is no exception. It is not difficult to connect a similar product. Since the work uses volumetric yarn and spokes of a large number, the process of making the jacket is quite fast. In this article we will tell you how to knit a sweater with knitting needles. For beginner needlewomen, recommendations on the choice of yarn and tools for work are presented. So, we study the information and are charged with inspiration.

we knit a jacket with knitting needles

We knit the jacket with knitting needles. Preparation of materials

The product will be made of thick yarn. What kind of thread do we need? When choosing this material, carefully study the label. It shows the weight of the skein, the composition of the yarn and the number of meters in 100 or 50 grams. Knitting of our model requires a thread of alpaca / acrylic (100 m / 50 g). If you want the product to get a little fluffy, take more mohair motions (280 m / 50 g), but then work with a double thread.

knitted sweaters
Since we knit the sweater with knitting needles from the volumetric yarn, it means that we will need a number of knitting needles - No. 15. For work, prepare two sets of tools: fore-toothed and circular on the line.

The size of the sweater, performed under this description is 36. You can increase it if you initially gain more loops.

Description of the process of knitting details

The details of the transmission and the backrest are first executedwith a continuous cloth. To do this, we collect 58 loops and then knit the jacket with spokes 47 cm in front. Now we divide the part in half - we will finish each part separately.

Back. We knit 29 loops straight until the product reaches a height of 66 centimeters. Now close the eyelets.

Before. We perform similarly the details of the backrest to a height of 60 cm. Next, we form the neck: close the central 9 loops and each part is kneaded separately. To form the roundness of the neck, close 2 more times in each 2-nd row on 1 loop. When the product reaches a height of 66 centimeters, the work is finished.

Sleeves. We collect 26 loops and knit a 46 cm front face with straight and reverse rows. It turns out a rectangular canvas. The hinges are closed in one row. The second sleeve should be similar.

Assembling the parts into a single unit

knit knitting with needles for beginners
We knit the sweater with knitting needles, and it's time to sew itparts. But first moisten the parts and put them to dry on a table covered with a towel. The first perform the seams along the lines of the shoulders. Then we sew up our sleeves. We proceed to the strapping of the collar. Raise the knitting needles on the neck line, skipping every 4th. We knit the facial surface to a height of 20 centimeters, after which the work is finished. Then we sew the product along the side lines. We hide all the ends of the threads on the wrong side.

Knitted sweaters with knitting needles, photo to confirmation,radiate warmth and coziness. Such a thing, made by yourself, will surely become the most beloved in your wardrobe. I wish you successes and smooth loops!