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Booties-marshmallows with knitting needles

The name of his booties-marshmallows received forsimilarity with the popular delicacy. They knit, as well as eaten a delicacy, quickly, easily and pleasantly. Even if you first decided to tie your booties with knitting needles, rest assured - this is the most suitable model!

You will need about half the skein of a childacrylic (about 25 grams) and quite a bit of extra color yarn for finishing. The best colors in this model are light colors combined with white color.

booties marshmallows

If you have a yarn of bright color,you can tie booties-marshmallows in one color. Tools need knitting needles # 3 (more comfortable short hosiery), a needle for stitching the finished product, buttons or beads for finishing.

So, for a baby up to three months (the length of the foot 9cm) you need to sew a thread of the main color of 20 loops. Then it is necessary to connect a rectangular cloth about 50 rows long (10 cm) with garter stitch (all loops are tied with facial). For a child older than 3 months, you can make a rectangle more authentic. The back of the product is ready.

To go to the front part of the booties of the marshmallow, it is necessary to close the 6 extreme loops from the beginning of the row. We continue knitting 14 loops of this series with a thread of additional color.

baby booties with knitting needles

The next three rows will be fastened with a face surface:

  • 1st row of socks - facial loops,
  • 2nd row - with back loops,
  • 3 rd row - facial loops.

After that, we will return to work the thread of the main color and we will bind it with the reverse side:

  • 4th row - facial loops,
  • 5-th row - purl loops,
  • 6th row - facial loops.

In the same way, we continue to tie the colored "accordion", alternating the strips of the facial and the opposite surface of both colors.

knit booties

When the length of the "accordion" is 7 bands main and 8 bands of additional color, the loop is closed. The thread can be left long - we use it to stitch our booties-marshmallows.

Connect the first and last rows of your knittingseam from the wrong side. Make sure that the seam does not turn out to be stiff! Fold the product in half. The upper and lower edges of the "accordion" must be tightened to the thread and firmly secured with stitches, so that the toe part of the bootie has a rounded shape.

Sew the sole of the booties (best"Butt"). After this, turn the boot-top on the front side, the formed lapels bend downwards. Under the lapels through the holes in the knitted fabric, pull out the ties.

booties marshmallows
In the role of strings, a string of air loops crocheted, a ribbon or a narrow lace can perform.

Decorate marshmallows with smart buttons, beads or crocheted flowers.

Baby booties can be knitted in a slightly different way.

Collect 15 loops and tie with garter stitch 50series (for a child over 3 months of age these figures should be increased). After that, bind on 15 loops the strips of the front and the back of the hair in a width of 3 rows. When 15 such strips are loosened, all loops must be closed. Sew the initial and final rows of knitting. Pull the toe part of the bootie from the top and bottom sides to the thread and secure it firmly. Perform a soft plantar suture. Unscrew the product. At the top edge of the booties, dial 26 loops on the spokes and tie 20-30 rows of gum, after which the loops are closed.

Knit with pleasure!