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Bag making by hand: easy and fast

handmade bag making

Today, the eco-movement is very popular all over the world. Ideas of organicity and naturalness are increasingly coming to our house. For example, we visit stores every day and bring with us products in polyethylene bags that are thrown away. They, in turn, almost do not decompose and pollute the environment. And so it repeats from year to year. If we look specifically at this situation, we can contribute our small contribution to the protection of the environment by sewing together an eco-bag. Moreover, such an accessory today is very fashionable and it is used not only by women, but also by men.

If you put a little effort and desire, you cansew a bag with your own hands. Patterns are very diverse, but we will not dwell on complex variants. Our bag will be simple, comfortable and sew it will not be too troublesome.

to sew a bag with your own hands
What do we need to work?

1. Pattern of bags. With our own hands, we will make the product exclusive, and you will not see the second such bag on the street.

2. Cloth. It does not have to be a single piece, you can take several options and combine different materials.

3. The slanting byte. You can buy it in specialized stores. Without it, you also can do it, but it greatly simplifies part of the work, and the product itself will look neat, you will not have anything to crack.

4. Scissors, thread, pins.

The article will present a pattern of bags. With your own hands, you can draw a similar pattern and use the dimensions that suit you.

Let's get to work. You already have a pattern of bags. With your hands, the thing made will be worn with pleasure, do not be afraid to experiment with the tissues.

Handles for bags with own hands

The bag we will have two colors: on the diagram they are represented by the letters A and B. On the right side of the Beech scheme B are the handles for the bags. With your hands you can decorate them and make yourself comfortable for yourself.

Determine the length of the handles, cut out the necessary strips of fabric. They need to be sewn and turned inside out. Adjust the width of the straps to your liking. Steam the iron with handles.

Fabrics for convenience can be stitched into a rectangle. All the edges in order not to crack the thread, it is necessary to process oblique bye. In the photo she looks like a pink edging. In this case there is an inner pocket that you can do with ease. Handles can be swept under a slanting bake, then the ugly edge will not be seen.

Handles for bags with own hands
After you have stitched the top edge of the bagand properly fixed the handle, go to the bottom of your product. We make the bottom. Fold the edges of the bag and cut at an angle of 45 degrees. We stall and mask the seam with an oblique bake.

to sew a bag with your own hands

You should have a bottom.

to sew a bag with your own hands

Your bag is ready, you have to unscrew it anddecorate to your taste. This is a universal pattern of bags. With your own hands, you can create a print on it, sew buttons or bows for beauty. With such an accessory it is convenient to go to the store. If it is folded, it fits easily in a purse, and if necessary it can be removed and filled with products without buying another bag. The only point to be paid special attention is the fastening of the pens. They need to be sewn qualitatively, so that they do not disappoint you at the right time.