/ How to sew clothes for dolls? Tips for little craftsmen

How to sew clothes for dolls? Tips for little craftsmen

What can be more interesting than dolls for smallgirls? Beautiful outfits, balls, princes, houses and doll furniture are not for one hour able to involve the child in an exciting game. And it's equally interesting to introduce yourself as a famous designer and fashion designer and sew amazing things to your favorite. How to sew clothes for dolls with their own hands? This is the question that interests many small needlewomen.

What will you need?

To create clothes, you first needshredders, sewing accessories and clothing patterns. For Barbie dolls, it is best to use knitted fabrics that do not require the slicing of the slices, although, after being clipped, the details can be processed with a seam with a crochet. If there is a sewing machine in the arsenal, it will greatly facilitate the sewing process.

how to sew clothes for dolls

How to make patterns

How to make clothes for dolls without a pattern? Of course, you can experiment, but it's better to make clothes patterns before you start working. Here are some tips for creating them:

- For a fitted dress, the trunk of the chrysaliswrap with foil for baking and handle directly on the figure draw a horizontal line on the chest, sides and back. After that, the manicure scissors cut the foil along the line on the back, remove it from the figure and then divide into details that are traced and outlined on paper.

- For leggings or trousers, foil is wound around the legs,creating on a figure original trousers. After drawing the lateral, inner, front and back seams. Cut the foil from top to bottom along the leg of the doll, after the details are removed from the figure and transferred to paper.

 how to make clothes for dolls

- For a lush skirt, no special pattern is needed, it will be enough to cut a strip of fabric, sew it, not reaching the top a couple of centimeters for the velcro fastener, and collect it at the waist.

- How to sew clothes for a doll with a sleeve? To do this, along with the trunk of the foil, the puppet handle is also wound. In this case, draw lines along the shoulder, at hand and on the side through the armpit. Remove the parts from the doll by the same principle, cutting the foil with manicure scissors along the drawn line.


So, the patterns are ready, it remains to transfer them topaper, add half a centimeter of allowances for seams and cut them out of the fabric. How to sew clothes for a doll - manually or on a typewriter? If you have experience with sewing equipment, then, of course, it is better to give preference to such processing, but you can do without it. So, to begin with, the details of the product are cut from the fabric, then fold them face inward and stitch the vertical seams first, and then the horizontal seams. If this is a gorgeous dress, then first separately sew a bodice and a skirt, and only then they are joined. In products with a sleeve, first of all, the shoulders are sewn, then the sleeves are sewn and only lateral seams are processed.

patterns for Barbie dolls

Knowing how to sew clothes for a doll, it will be easyto create the most interesting models, it is enough to understand the process of creating patterns and learn how to make accurate stitches. Particular attention should be given to the selection of fabrics, so that the stitched thing looked organically. That's when the doll will have a stunning wardrobe, which will envy all girlfriends.