/ How to sew a beach dress with your own hands?

How to sew a beach dress by yourself?

When the season of the blue sky and the sun begins,sand and river, the beach and the sea, hot summer days in full swing. Summer is a vacation, recreation and entertainment. Families are rushing to the village, to the country, to the dacha, to the lake, the river and the sea. It is necessary urgently to replenish your wardrobe with an original and light outfit, for example, sew a beach dress with your own hands. Such an outfit will become an indispensable companion in the country, it can be taken on a trip to the sea, it is light, airy and absolutely does not hamper the movements.

beach dress

For a summer holiday you need a practical dress,which will occupy little space, and necessarily multifunctional. Do not hesitate. Dress up the beach with their own hands can be made very quickly, without much hassle and the availability of special skills, because all the ingenious is simple.

Fabric can be chosen according to your taste, starting fromjersey and ending with a beach towel. Add to this about half an hour. The result is a beach dress with your own hands is ready. It is also suitable for dressing right after bathing, and for an ordinary walk along the shore.

beach dress for complete

After identifying with the fabric of the dress, we turndirectly to the cutting. Pattern will be in the form of a rectangle, the short side of which is equal to the desired length of the product. When cutting, consider the length of the straps. The hip circumference, summed with the width of the odor, is the long side. All edges of a rectangular cut must be processed, but first it is necessary to cut the upper corners in a semicircle. Next, it remains only to sew the straps and the beach dress with your hands is completely ready!

Natural lightweight fabrics will be idealmaterial for such a dress, because he should not restrain movements. As for color, designers recommend bright dresses in polka dots, with floral motifs, various prints. Marine topics are also relevant. Long and short, monochrome and colorful dresses - they are all equally popular. An overstated waist will emphasize the breasts and hide some of the shortcomings of the female figure. There are a huge variety of models of beach attire, any girl will be able to pick up the style you like and quickly and easily make it yourself.

A beach dress for complete will perfectly hidethe shortcomings of the figure and make the silhouette more slender. This outfit has a wide and straight cut without darts, folds are assembled near the cut line. Fabric - knitted or pleated silk.

The dress-shirt for the beach is aan elongated T-shirt or T-shirt. Model "on the rubber" looks very elegant and even somewhat erotic. This dress is held with a rubber band, while the tan is obtained without strips. A small touch: it would be nice to use a belt or a thin braid to indicate the waist line with such a dress.

beach dress of large size

Easy and free beach dress of the bigthe size of the "square" will make the figure graceful. The most suitable fabrics: satin, jersey, silk, knitwear, cambric, muslin. Dresses for the beach with drapery will not go out of fashion ever. Decor in the Greek style makes such outfits elegant, airy and feminine. Fabrics, gently flowing on the body, hide the flaws and emphasize the exhilarating curves of the silhouette. Flower prints of a beach dress will literally scream about rest, take away from city vanity, create a desire to merge with nature. Marine themes as always at the peak of popularity: ropes, sea symbols, various stripes, buttons of metal - all these are the main "chips" of this outfit.